Lee “Faker” Sang-hyeok, a legend in the world of League of Legends, has been immortalized in-game with a line of dedicated skins.

But for fans eager to add these skins to their collection, questions about pricing can be a hurdle.

This guide navigates the complexities of RP to USD conversions and unpacks the Faker skin prices and Faker bundle prices structure within the Hall of Legends event.

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Whether you’re a die-hard Faker fanatic or simply curious about the cost of digital glory, this breakdown equips you with the knowledge to make informed decisions about acquiring these coveted in-game items.

What are Riot Points in League of Legends?

Riot Points (RP) function as a digital currency within Riot Games titles and cannot be directly exchanged for US dollars (USD). Instead, RP must be purchased with real money through various pre-defined packages.

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The exchange rate of RP to USD is not fixed, but rather determined by the specific RP package you select. Typically, purchasing larger RP bundles offers a more favorable conversion rate, meaning you receive more RP per dollar spent.

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For instance, a US$20 purchase might grant you a significantly higher amount of RP compared to a US$5 purchase.

RP to USD (Riot Points to United States Dollar) conversion in League of Legends


Faker skin prices: How much RP and USD would it cost to purchase all Faker bundles in League of Legends?

Hall of Legends 2024 event in League of Legends official key visual featuring Faker
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Hall of Legends 2024 event in LoL: Release date, Faker skins, prices, and more

For League of Legends fans interested in acquiring the skins associated with the legendary esports player Faker, understanding the pricing structure is crucial. This section breaks down Faker bundle prices and Faker skin prices, using both Riot Points (RP) and US dollars (USD) for clarity.

It’s important to understand that Faker skins are not available for individual purchase. They are exclusively bundled with other content within the Hall of Legends 2024 collection.

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The cheapest option is the Hall of Legends 2024 Pass, costing approximately US$16. This unlocks the Risen Legend LeBlanc skin but doesn’t include any Faker Ahri skins.

For the complete Faker experience, you’ll need the Signature Immortalized Legend Collection, priced at nearly US$450. This bundle boasts exclusive content like special animations based on Faker’s signature moves and a digital autograph.

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To put this investment in perspective, US$450 could potentially build a basic gaming PC or even purchase a PlayStation 5 console with additional games.

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If you already bought the Hall of Legends 2024 Pass, you’ll get a discount if you decide to upgrade to one of the larger collections later. This applies even if you decide to purchase a different collection than the one you initially discounted with the pass.

Basically, the price of the pass (or any collection you already purchased) is subtracted from the total cost of the new collection you choose. This way, you’re not charged twice for the same content.

Hall of Legends 2024 PassRisen Legend LeBlanc Skin1,950 RP1,380 RP
575 RP
Risen Legend CollectionRisen Legend Ahri5,430 RP2,800 RP (2x)US$43.98
Immortalized Legend CollectionImmortalized Legend Ahri32,430 RP13,500 RP (2x)
6,500 RP
Signature Immortalized Legend CollectionImmortalized Legend Ahri59,260 RP13,500 RP (4x)
6,500 RP

It’s important to remember that these prices are estimates and may fluctuate depending on your location. The actual cost in USD might differ slightly based on your region’s pricing structure.

Faker skins release date

Hall of Legends Ahri skins and all Faker skins releases on June 12, 2024.

The Hall of Legends 2024 event concludes on July 8, 2024, at 11:59 p.m. PDT.

Once the event wraps up, obtaining the coveted Hall of Legends Ahri skins and Faker skins — including Risen Legend Ahri, Immortalized Legend Ahri (both versions), and Risen Legend LeBlanc — along with all their accompanying cosmetics, will be unavailable for an indefinite period.

These items are strictly limited-edition, with no confirmed plans for their return in the future according to a statement by Riot Games.

Where to buy Faker skins in League of Legends

League of Legends skins can only be purchased within the game client itself, not through any external retailers.

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