League of Legends’ newest champion, Yone, has been out for just two weeks but legendary T1 mid laner Lee “Faker” Sang-hyeok seems to have already mastered the character.

Faker has played eight ranked solo queue games on the Korean Challenger ladder, amassing a 75% win rate on this champion with an average KDA of 3.89.

In his best game, he went 14/2/10 against mid lane Lucian, and dealt 28,772 total damage, the most on his team.

Hide on bush, Faker’s OP.GG profile
Screenshot by Amanda Tan/ONE Esports

On red side, they scored an ace 17 minutes into the game. At the start, Faker jumped into the fight with Soul Unbound into Yone’s ultimate, Fate Sealed. He zoomed in onto Taliyah and finished her off with Ignite.

As the team continued to chase past the outer mid turret, Faker cleaved down Elise with Mortal Steel and auto attacks while juggling turret aggro with his jungler, Sejuani.

However, Faker wasn’t done. Surprising stream viewers and team mates alike, he dived past the second turret using Soul Unbound, Flash, and Mortal Steel’s dash onto the incoming enemy minion wave to bridge the gap to Lucian for the ace.

On Yone, Faker has been experimenting with different runes, starting with Nick “LS” De Cesare’s recommended best rune, Fleet, paired with the Resolve tree.

Against mid range matchups however, he has been taking Conqueror alongside the Domination tree. The bonus attack damage stacks and heal from Conqueror pays off very well in 1v1 situations in lane, like in this clutch outplay against Akali at max stacks.

Items wise, Faker tried Statikk Shiv a week ago, but has since made Phantom Dancer his first core item after Berserker’s Greaves, followed by Infinity Edge. From there, he adapts his build accordingly.

According to OP.GG, Yone is currently the second best performing mid laner with a 50.31% win rate at Platinum rank or higher. He’s second to Zed, who was buffed on patch 10.14 and one of the best counters to Yone.

With Faker flexing his assassin muscles, will it be only a matter of time before he starts again over rookie sensation, Lee “Clozer” Ju-hyeon?

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