After becoming champions in the 2020 League of Legends Championship Korea (LCK) Summer Split, DAMWON Gaming has sustained its success with a stunning 3-0 record in the group stage of the League of Legends World Championship (Worlds).

After easily defeating PSG Talon, we were able to catch DAMWON support player Cho “BeryL” Geon-hee in a post-game interview. When asked about the team’s dominance in Worlds, he believed that the team is still playing like it’s the regular season.

“We just followed what we normally played in the LCK to the international stage,” said BeryL. “But I think in terms of performance in the group stage, we’re playing more smoothly.”

While T1 missed their chance to go to Worlds with Gen.G, DWG, and DRX representing the LCK, BeryL said that they’re still a great team that deserves to still be called one of the best LCK teams.

“I think that, in Worlds, all the teams that come out are the strongest and also represent their own region,” stated Beryl. “For the LCK, Gen.G, DRX, and DWG just performed a little better than T1, but that doesn’t mean T1 is not a good team.”

Even though the team has been playing well and garnering impressive results on the Worlds stage, BeryL believes that he’s still far from being called one of the best.

“In my perspective, I’ve still got so many parts that need to make improvements,” said BeryL. “But all the other teammates did really well in their own right and I think that’s what makes us strong as a team.”

DWG coach Lee “Zefa” Jae-min recently said that their game against Rogue was a bit too long. While the coach did not say this to the team, BeryL believes that Zefa is just pushing the team for better results.

“I think that the reason why Zefa would say this is because of his time with T1 at Worlds 2019,” stated BeryL. “While there might be easy games to win during the Worlds stage, Zefa might want us to perfect the game even in such a winnable setting.”

With DAMWON traveling to Shanghai, China for Worlds, the team brought with them a hefty stash of instant noodles. While the options of instant goodness are limitless for the superteam, BeryL doesn’t really care about the brand.

“Currently, I think my preference is anything that’s beef noodles,” answered BeryL.

DAMWON Gaming will start their second round of group stage matches on October 9.

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