If you’ve already collected all 11 League of Legends Battle Academia in-game skins, and on top of that, invested hours to farm up for Lux’s and Leona’s Prestige Edition skins, we’re going to tell you right now — it is not enough.

One of Riot’s most popular anime-inspired skin lines, Battle Academia just got its very first merchandise release today and it does not disappoint.

Standing out among collection is the Battle Academia keychain pack. Glistening in bright pink, yellow, red, and blue hues, Battle Principal Yuumi, Battle Academia Katarina, Battle Professor Graves, Battle Academia Ezreal, Battle Academia Jayce, and Battle Academia Lux have been shrunk to cute chibi-size, with stars on top to boot.

Made from durable acrylic, they will look totally outstanding on your backpack.

Battle Academia keychain pack
Credit: Riot Games

As with previous collections, five Battle Academia representatives take the stage in Riot’s classic Minis Set. The team consists of Battle Academia Lux, Battle Academia Ezreal, Battle Academia Jayce, Battle Academia Katarina, and Battle Professor Graves.

Always doing cool things with his hands, Ezreal’s pose is a perky nod to his epic Battle Academia splash art.

Lux’s pose on the other hand, is brand new. Standing on one foot, welcoming you with open arms, she looks most adorable. The colors and simplified design of her outfit also gives off Demon Slayer vibes.

Battle Academia Minis Set
Credit: Riot Games

Yuumi in all her glory, received her own solo because, well, she’s the boss! As the newest principal of durandal God-Weapon Academy, Battle Principal Yuumi Team Mini stands as a limited edition collectible.

Battle Principal Yuumi Minis Team
Credit: Riot Games

Now that you’ve got your study table and back pack ornamented, it’s time to level up your dressing. The rich red and navy blue color blocking in the Battle Academia Durandal Class Zip-Up Hoodie will make you look sharp, smart, and ready for any assignment.

Battle Academia Durandal Class Zip-Up Hoodie (Unisex)
Credit: Riot Games

Why not go full weeb by tucking in your Battle Academia Durandal Manga Tee underneath? It reads Battle Academia in Japanese Katana on the front, and has a full manga panel at the back featuring classic phrases like “Nani?” and printed sound effects.

Battle Academia Durandal Manga Tee (Unisex)
Credit: Riot Games

This is the complete price list of Riot’s debut Battle Academia drop:

  • Battle Academia Team Minis Set – US$40
  • Battle Principal Yuumi Team Mini – US$12
  • Battle Academia Keychain Pack – US$45
  • Battle Academia Durandal Class Zip-Up Hoodie (Unisex) – US$65
  • Battle Academia Durandal Manga Tee (Unisex) – US$30

Head to Riot Games’ official merch store to buy your favorite Battle Academia pieces today.

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