The Star Guardians are one of League of Legends‘ most bedazzling skin-lines to stand tall with its own universe and story to tell.

From the initial Star Guardian skins of Lux to the rowdy addition of Corrupted Guardians, the starry syndicate treats fans with the Sailor Moon aesthetic and proves that every team deserves at least one sparkling superhero in their lineup.

Though the Star Guardian universe is bigger than ever with over 20 heroes and heroines, we’ve traveled the galaxies to find out which five of them shine the brightest light.

Here are the five most stellar Star Guardian skins

5. Ezreal

Star Guardian skin of Ezreal in League of Legends
Credit: Riot Games

As the first-ever male Star Guardian, the prodigal explorer trades his dusty aviator jacket for a sleek white and blue suit, accentuating a more polished appearance. Along with his spirit Medium, Yuuto, he flies across the map while trying to remember the lyrics to the Star Guardian hit “Burning Bright.”

Aside from his electric blue Mystic Shot that turns into a shooting star, the rest of Ez’s skills also take the blue color scheme, reflecting the sharpshooter’s cosmic look.

If you’re looking for a more debonair style compared to the female entries in the skin-line, then this one is for you.

4. Janna

Star Guardian skin of Janna in League of Legends
Credit: Riot Games

Star Guardian Janna is the textbook definition of “simple, yet elegant.” The stormy caster now dons a purple aesthetic with a hairstyle that poofs up like cotton candy. With her magical winged staff, she could definitely fit into the background of your favorite superhero schoolgirl anime.

Janna’s skills now have more distinct animation to breathe new life into the champion. Her Howling Gale is now a purple, cosmic tornado that launches opponents up to space while her Zephyr sends her spirit medium, also named Zephyr, to slow her targets down. Her ultimate Monsoon emits a starry AoE skill that grants allies with their own trail of stars.

If you happen to play Janna, this skin will surely give you that bump of confidence as you weather the storm.

3. Xayah and Rakan

Star Guardian skins of Xayah and Rakan in League of Legends
Credit: Riot Games

LoL’s favorite couple Xayah and Rakan come in third on this list. The lovebirds have made literal waves in color and design when it comes to their skins.

Individually, the Corrupted Guardians have a more sinister vibe to their skins, as hinted by the darker gradients and colors.

Xayah takes on a beautiful shade of magenta and violet with a tinge of cyan on her feathers. With her star-feathers accentuating the most colors, she turns into a more standard Star Guardian right after her ult, looking brighter than ever until her feathers return.

As for Rakan, the charmer has a more subtle presence as a Star Guardian. Rocking a turquoise-tipped cape and dark purple threads, the loudmouth healer now looks more like a thief in the night.

Rakan’s Gleaming Quill now creates a two-star ring that shows a lighter side of the Vastayan. His ultimate, The Quickness, turns him into a cosmic shroud of darkness and leaves his targets seeing dark hearts.

Though they may be corrupted, these two Star Guardians can walk the talk and get your bot lane opponents distracted for an easy win.

2. Soraka

Star Guardian skin of Soraka in League of Legends
Credit: Riot Games

Soraka is another Star Guardian support that gets a substantial upgrade to her already celestial aura.

With a pair of white wings, a golden horn, and a new crescent staff, the go-to healer locks in the look of a Star Guardian who’s literally ready to heal her allies at any time and place.

Though Soraka’s skills may be pretty simple, the X-factor of her Star Guardian skin is truly in the details of the visual upgrade. All her skills are now sprinkled with stars and tuned with sweet-sounding audio cues.

What takes the cake on this skin is her passive skill of Salvation. When an ally is low on health, Soraka gets a winged-star marker pointing to the direction of the ally. When she runs to the ally, she leaves a trail of stars and feathers and, upon meeting the ally, her marker and the ally’s star sparkle in all their glory, honing in that idea of an actual guardian on Summoner’s Rift.

With her angelic presence and perfect touch of detail, the Star Guardian Soraka skin is definitely worth your Riot points.

1. Jinx

Star Guardian skin of Jinx in League of Legends
Credit: Riot Games

Despite being a definite wild card in the Star Guardian crew, Jinx has one of the best and most elaborate designs as a Star Guardian.

Ditching her blue hair, tattoos, and Piltover punk look, Star Guardian Jinx still embodies her fiery presence with her new bright red pigtails, modified uniform, and short shorts. As for her guns, Jinx trades her Pow-pow and Fishbones for a duo of spirit mediums, Kuro and Shiro, who transform into a star-shooting mini-gun and a rocket launcher.

Jinx’s Zap! now shoots a blue star while Flame Chompers! has her mediums biting at the ankles of her enemies. Her ult, Super Mega Death Rocket!, launches both Kuro and Shiro as a flying missile, unleashing a quick image of the two with a powerful red splash on hit.

Because of her snarky delinquency and her impressive look, Jinx gets the top spot on our list for defying expectations on every level.

Even with the power of Starlight on her side, only Jinx has the audacity to say, “Starlight, schmarlight; just point me toward stuff to blow up!”

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