Luo “Roger” Shengyuan swept HCT Summer Champion Raphael “Bunnyhoppor” Peltzer, 3-0, to win the 2018 Hearthstone Winter Championship and the US$50,000 grand prize.

Roger hit the ground running in the Grand Finals, easily winning a Hunter mirror match to take Game 1. While Bunnyhoppor tried to respond with a Hunter deck again for Game 2, Roger’s Quest Rogue overwhelmed his opponent with a deluge of 4/4 minions.

Bunnyhoppor looked to avoid a sweep in Game 3 by changing up his strategy and going with an aggro Rogue lineup. With an 8/8 Edwin Van Cleef, the HCT Summer Champion presented a clear threat to his opponent. However, Roger drew Shadow Essence on his next turn — and after taking a minute to remember that his only remaining minions are Malygos and Prophet Velen — let Mind Blast clinch the Winter Championship for him.

Bunnyhoppor walked away with US$40,000 for his second-place finish and will be looking to get his revenge in the HCT World Championships.