With many console trailers going above and beyond to represent the gaming experience, Xbox continues the trend with the dream-like “Lucid Odyssey”.

Directed by none other than Oscar-winning film savant Taika Waititi, Lucid Odyssey takes a walk on the wild side by cinematically capturing what it’s like to play the Xbox Series X.

In the 4-minute film, Xbox ambassador MoonLiteWolf shared her dream experiences after playing the Xbox console, citing such things as seeing a glowing bunny in a forest and a cat Master Chief DJing in the stars.

While the film may have dramatized the entire dream sequence to mimic a virtual fantasy, there’s still some science that went into Lucid Odyssey’s plot and its motto of “Power Your Dreams”.

MoonLiteWolf was guided to the sleep state of hynagogia whilst wearing a Hypnodyne band that monitors your neural and sleep activity. Once in hypnagogia, the ambassador was asked to recall the dreams she had which laid the foundations for the video.

Though the Waititi-directed short may not have ray tracing or gripping gameplay, it gives us a more artistic take at what really happens in your mind when you play videogames.

Check out Lucid Odyssey down below:

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