Super Evil Megacorp has opened the doors for shooter fans on iOS to join “Secret Service,” their Early Access program for their upcoming game Catalyst Black.

Credit: Super Evil Megacorp

Previously known as Project Spellfire, Catalyst Black is a team-based battleground shooter.

“The best way I would describe it, if I have to use Vainglory language,” said game director Q “SurpriseBirthday” Wang “would be ‘Think the entire map is a jungle and counterjungling experience and there’s always a Kraken fight or two somewhere that’s happening.'”

The Early Access program will be using the Apple-owned application TestFlight, thus the restriction on the participants. Recruitment starts on the game’s Discord server, where 50 random agents will be accepted to the program every day.

Screenshot by: Kristine Tuting / ONE Esports

Catalyst Black is designed as a gear-based game where players can customize their loadout and experiment with primary weapons, heavy weapons, trinkets, abilities, powers, relics, and masks. Masks will enable the characters to go in berserk mode and transform into primal gods for a brief period of time.

Players are in for a fresh experience as Catalyst Black will run with ten to twenty players in multi-game modes with varying objectives, where participants can just drop in and drop out of matches anytime they want to.

The MOBA game Vainglory became popular for its refined graphics and fluid gameplay, and Super Evil Megacorp is working on giving the same experience to Catalyst Black players.

“We want controls to be great with virtual joystick, physical controllers, plus with mouse and keyboard,” according to this official tweet.

When fully released, the game will be a cross-platform title designed to be played on Android and iOS devices, PC, and soon on consoles.

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