Arena shooter fans have something to look forward to this month when EA Originals releases its all-new bazooka-powered Rocket Arena on July 14.

The developers, Final Strike Games, asked the question, what if there was a “Never Say Die” shooter that focuses on all the fun of blasting opponents away with rockets of all kinds?

The result is Rocket Arena, a hero-based battle arena that uses non-lethal rockets that knockout and send opponents flying.

Both EA Originals and Final Strike Games have confirmed that Rocket Arena will launch on July 14.

A Season 1 content update will then roll out two weeks later.

“Our team passionately wanted to take on a new approach to combat in a multiplayer shooter. [With that in mind,] we developed features that are innovative in this space,” shared Kevin Franklin, Founder and CEO, Final Strike Games.

The list of features include:

  • Cross-platform play on launch day
  • Blast meter in the place of a health bar/health points
  • The blast meter will determine how far a player will be blown away
  • Knockout and Megablast mechanics
  • Tuned Rocket Jumping and Climbing mechanics
  • In-action returns instead of respawning

Rocket Arena, which was revealed recently at the EA Play virtual event, takes place in Crater, a world that uses rockets for everything.

Players can choose from 10 different characters from various regions around Crater, each with their own unique personality, backstory, and region-linked narratives.

There is even a rich and diverse history for Crater that players can learn about as they discover historical remnants about the world.

Credit: Rocket Arena/EA Originals

Beyond the immersive and narrative-driven focuses, along with the extensive list of gameplay items and character customization options, Rocket Arena will focus on the in-game Rocket Championship Tour main event.

The multiple options in this mode — Practice, Social Playlists, and Custom Games — will ensure gamers can get up to speed with the character metas, track on-going matches, and even organize private gaming sessions.

As for game modes, they include:

  • Knockout: Using rockets, abilities, and items to blow up opponents out of the arena. This counts as a knock out and the team that reaches the targeted score will win the battle.
  • Rocketball: Two teams compete in a goal-scoring match — highest points wins.
  • Mega Rocket: It’s a rocket-filled capture-and-defend event.
  • Treasure Hunt: Collect and hold onto chests as well as pick up coins around the map to score points and earn the win as the highest scorer.
  • RocketBot Attack (Players vs Enemy): Play with a squad and survive continuous waves of attacking RocketBots. Reach a specific number of take-downs to win the match.
Credit: Rocket Arena/EA Originals

The new content that will appear on July 28 will feature three new maps, the latest hero for the roster, and a Season Pass — Blast Pass — that comes with exclusive gear.

The game will launch on Steam and Origin, Microsoft Xbox One, and Sony PlayStation 4.

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