From the makers of the epic gaming bed comes another innovative product — gaming blankets!

Bauhutte’s gaming blankets will not only keep you warm and cozy this winter season, they also have special holes in them you can fit your arms through, perfect for holding a controller or mobile phone.

The armholes can even be retracted back into their flaps once you’re finished playing games.

Credit: Bauhutte

Officially called WataTank, the undersides of these gaming blankets come in RGB colors to coordinate with desktop setups and a plain black one too for minimalists.

Each blanket has been filled with 1,000 grams of polyester cotton, enough to keep users warm during the chilly season. The fibers inside the blanket generate heat so anyone who gets inside it will stay snuggly and toasty without letting the heat escape as claimed by Bauhutte.

The main concept of this gaming blanket is to allow gamers to have a comfortable time using their mobile phones before sleeping.

“In order to save winter smartphone gamers from the cold, we have developed a large blanket equipped with unique armholes,” according to Bauhutte’s product page.

These gaming blankets can be an ideal accessory if you have Bauhutte’s gaming bed. You’ll never have to get up ever again!

The WataTank gaming blanket is priced at US$124 and can be purchased from Bauhutte’s Amazon Japan listing.

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