Students in the Philippines can now use their gaming and esports prowess to further their education. AcadArena has partnered with Globe, a major telecom company in the Philippines, for the Globe-AcadArena Merit Esports Scholarship (GAMES) Fund. 

The first esports scholarship in the Philippines, the GAMES Fund is now accepting applicants from student organizations affiliated with AcadArena. There are twenty-nine affiliated student organizations, belonging to some of the most prestigious universities in the country, such as Ateneo de Manila University and University of the Philippines. 

Founded in 2019, AcadArena has been at the forefront of promoting esports as part of student life. AcadArena co-founder Ariane Lim shares that finding the right partners was crucial to the program’s success. 

“The main challenge in enacting any scholarship, especially an esports one, is (1) finding a donor and (2) finding a structure that makes sense,” she tells ONE Esports. “We’re fortunate that Globe really believes in investing in the youth and our vision at AcadArena. Thankfully, with great student partners, we’re able to make a scalable campus ecosystem in AcadArena for years to come.”

The GAMES Fund has two categories. The merit category, which includes competitive and leadership scholarships, and the Family Good Game Grant. GAMES Fund scholarships prioritize academic performance and contribution to esports activities, in and out of campus. GAMES Fund Gold grantees will receive 100% tuition coverage, while silver grantees will receive 50% tuition coverage. 

The Family Good Game Grant is a special category for student gamers in need, who are also exemplary role models in school and outside of campus. Gold awardees of this grant will receive US$1,000 in tuition coverage, while silver awardees will receive US$500. 

Recently, AcadArena was also named one of the partners for Riot Games’ esports collegiate plans in the region.

“Game developer support is crucial on how we can sustain and scale opportunities for GAME Scholars,” says Ariane Lim.

The GAMES Fund is currently accepting applicants until January 24, 2021. Interested applicants can check out Acad Arena’s website for more details. 

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