Prepare for an unforgettable adventure in Tales of Kenzera Zau, a Metroidvania-style game from Surgent Studios, published by Electronic Arts under its EA Originals brand.

In this game, you play as Zau, a young shaman on a perilous mission to rescue his father from the clutches of the god of death.

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As you navigate through enchanting realms filled with secrets and challenges, you harness Zau’s shamanic powers to overcome obstacles and confront powerful spirits.

Here’s everything you need to know about the game, including the Tales of Kenzera Zau release date, platforms, and preorder bonuses.

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What is the story of Tales of Kenzera Zau?

Inspired by the personal experiences of UK actor Abubakar Salim, founder of Surgent Studios, this game invites players on a magical single-player journey through themes of grief.

As Zau, you confront your own emotions to find out if you’re worthy spiritual healer.

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Guided by a Bantu tale written by your late father, you traverse the enchanting yet unforgiving lands of Kenzera, bargaining with the god of death to rescue your beloved father in the spirit world.

Armed with cosmic powers and untested courage, you navigate through mythological realms haunted by lost ancestral spirits.

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Tales of Kenzera Zau gameplay

Tales of Kenzera Zau desert gameplay
Credit: Surgent Studios, Electronic Arts

The Tales of Kenzera Zau gameplay is reminiscent of classic side-scrolling action games.

The game also features visually stunning 2.5D environments and an enchanting soundtrack by UK composer Nainita Desai.

Players use special powers from the sun and the moon to fight various spirits in rhythmic battles. These spirits range from regular soldiers to powerful creatures like the Impundulu and GaGorib.

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Players can freeze enemies in time or hurl fiery attacks using different masks.

As you explore the game’s universe inspired by Bantu stories, you’ll uncover a world full of ancient shamans and mythical creatures.

Tales of Kenzera Zau release date and platforms

Tales of Kenzera Zau preorder rewards
Credit: Surgent Studios, Electronic Arts

The game releases on April 23, 2024 on PlayStation 5, Nintendo Switch, Xbox X|S, and PC.

PlayStation StoreUS$17.99
Microsoft StoreTBA
EA StoreUS$17.99
Epic Games StoreUS$17.99
Nintendo StoreUS$17.99

Early buyers of the game get a 10% discount. They also receive multiple in-game rewards.

  • Kalunga’s Blessing visual effect variant
  • Two shaman points to unlock up to two skills in-game
  • Soulshifters digital companion comic

(to be updated)

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