Calling all warriors! Now is the time to get your hands on the Smite 2 Founder’s Edition.

Smite 2, the epic sequel to the 2014 multiplayer online battle arena, throws you into heart-pounding, third-person battles where you play as one of the many mythological gods such as Zeus, Loki, Anubis, and more.

Unicorn Overlord characters: All classes, companions, seiyuu
Credit: Credit: SEGA, ATLUS, Vanillaware, ONE Esports
Unicorn Overlord characters: All classes, companions, seiyuu

Ready to join the fight? Here’s a breakdown of the three Smite 2 Founder’s Editions and the awesome rewards you can unlock.

What is Smite 2?

Smite 2 pre-alpha playable characters
Credit: Hi-Rez Studios

Smite 2, the sequel to the hit MOBA Smite, lets you control gods in epic online battles.

Developed by Titan Forge Games and published by Hi-Rez Studios, this game plays similar to traditional MOBA titles where you level up your chosen god, equip them with items, and take on other gods in intense PVP battles.

It boasts new visuals and features to welcome fresh players while keeping veterans engaged.

Smite 2 release date and platforms

Wuthering Waves key visual
Credit: Kuro Games
Wuthering Waves: Characters, gameplay, platforms

Smite 2 has no official release date yet as of writing. Closed alpha testing of the game starts in May 2024.

The game is available for PC, Xbox X and S, and PlayStation 5.

Smite 2 Founder’s Edition rewards, details, and where to buy

Players can preorder the Smite 2 Founder’s Edition on April 15, 2024.

The Founder’s Edition grants players access to the upcoming Smite 2 alpha weekend events starting in May, along with other exclusive rewards you receive once the game comes out.

Full game accessYesYesYes
Smite 2 Gods permanent accessYesYesYes
Founder’s Avatar, Badge, and TitleYesYesYes
Smite 2 Cacodemon Ymir skinYesYesYes
2x Legacy GemsYesYesYes
Nightstalker Neith skin (cross-gen)YesYes
Ascension Passes for 11 Alpha Launch Weekend GodsYesYes
Tier five cross-gen The Fallen Zeus skinYes
Ascension Passes for first 23 Alpha GodsYes
Smite 2 Founder's Edition standard, deluxe, and ultimate rewards
Credit: Hi-Rez Studios

You can wishlist and preorder the game on multiple gaming platforms now.

PlayStation StoreUS$29.99US$59.99US$99.99
Xbox StoreUS$29.99US$59.99US$99.99
Epic GamesUS$29.99US$59.99US$99.99

Do take note that access is granted only on the platform the pack is purchased on.

Visit the game’s official website for more details.

Unicorn Overlord Collector's Edition (Monarch Edition) - Nintendo Switch on Amazon
Credit: SEGA, ATLUS, Vanillaware
GET YOURS NOW: Unicorn Overlord Collector’s Edition (Monarch Edition)

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