Game developers TiMi Studio and The Pokémon Company have deployed their first major patch for Pokémon Unite. Gardevoir has been newly added to the current roster of playable Pokémon, whilst Charizard got hit with a big nerf.

Here are all the changes that came with patch, including details on Gardevoir.

Pokemon Unite patch introduces Gardevoir, a ranged attacker Pokémon

Pokemon Unite, Fashionable Style: Gardevoir
Credit: Nintendo

Gardevoir’s Unite License is now available for purchase in the shop for 8000 Aeos coins or 460 Aeos gems.

Basic Attack

  • Becomes a boosted attack with every third attack. When the boosted attack hits, it deals damage to opposing Pokémon in the area of effect and decreases their Sp. Def for a short time.

Passive Ability – Synchronize

  • When an opponent inflicts decreased movement speed or a damage-over-time condition on the Pokémon, the same is inflicted on that opponent. This ability goes on cooldown after it’s triggered.

Skill 1 – Confusion | Can be upgraded to Psychic or Moonblast at level 8

  • Attacks straight in the designated direction.

Skill 1 Upgrade – Psychic

  • After hitting an opposing Pokémon or travelling its maximum distance, deals damage over time to opposing Pokémon in the area of effect and decreases their movement speed for a short time.
  • Upgrade: Reduces this move’s cooldown.

Skill 1 Upgrade – Moonblast

  • Has the user attack while moving back to create distance. When the move’s blast hits, it deals damage to opposing Pokémon in a cone and leaves the opposing Pokémon closest to the user unable to act for a short time.
  • Upgrade: Also grants the user a shield when this move is used.

Skill 2 – Teleport | Can be upgraded to Psyshock or Future Sight at level 6

  • Has the user warp to the designated area, increasing the damage dealt by one basic attack after warping.

Skill 2 Upgrade – Psyshock

  • Attacks the designated location three times. This move’s cooldown is reduced each time one of these attacks hits an opposing Pokémon.
  • Upgrade: Also increases the damage this move deals each time one of its attacks hits.

Skill 2 Upgrade – Future Sight

  • Sets a delayed explosion. When the explosion hits an opposing Pokémon, it reduces this move’s cooldown.
  • Upgrade: Resets this move’s cooldown when the explosion hits an opposing Pokémon.

Unite Move – Fairy Singularity

  • Warps space in the designated area, drawing in opposing Pokémon. Shoves and deals damage to opposing Pokémonthe instant the warped space disappears.

Bug fixes and system updates in Pokémon Unite update

Pokemon Unite, Charzard
Credit: Nintendo

Bug Fix – Charizard

  • Fixed Muscle Band not acting as intended when equipped to Charizard.

System Updates

  • Various bug fixes
  • Text fixes
  • Shop updates

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