Do you love console titles like The Last of Us, Horizon Zero Dawn, and Uncharted? We might be getting PlayStation mobile games soon.

PlayStation officially declares its foray into the mobile gaming industry

PlayStation 5, PlayStation mobile games
Credit: Sony PlayStation 5/Sony Interactive Entertainment

Sony’s video game brand PlayStation will make a major mark in the mobile gaming industry in the years to come. This was revealed through Sony’s corporate strategy meeting held last May 26.

Chairman, President, and CEO of Sony Group Corporation Kenichiro Yoshida delivered a speech outlining the company’s direction for 2021. Yoshida highlighted mobile gaming as he discussed Sony’s plans to respond to ongoing gaming trends.

The highly successful mobile gacha game Fate/ Grand Order was specifically mentioned by the CEO and shall serve as a benchmark for the company’s plans to penetrate the mobile market.

“Going forward Sony will continue to actively release mobile games based on anime-related IP around the world, and further focus on deploying PlayStation’s proprietary IP to mobile as well,” the report stated.

Yoshida also confirmed that original PlayStation games will soon be developed for mobile devices, but he did not specify if these would be direct ports of their triple-A titles, spinoffs, or brand new intellectual properties.

The CEO concluded his speech by mentioning his aspirations to increase their customer base to one billion people by expanding the company’s efforts on social spaces, services, and of course mobile.

How exactly is Sony going to develop these PlayStation mobile games?

Credit: Sony

Throughout the years, PlayStation has released several critically acclaimed masterpieces such as Ghost of Tsushima and God of War. However, the gaming market is now shifting towards mobile platforms. With the popularity and steady profitability of mobile games, it’s no surprise that Sony wants to adapt some of its popular titles on mobile.

PlayStation’s plans to enter the mobile industry began when the company posted a job offer looking for the position of Head of Mobile. The position entails managing several mobile game projects that are currently in the process of being developed, as well as making plans for the development of PlayStation mobile games for the next three to five years.

Mobile games account for about 50% of the global gaming industry’s revenue as recorded last 2020. This rapid growth has inspired many developers to jump into the world of mobile gaming.

Which PlayStation mobile games are you excited to play?

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