Rookie Pokémon trainer, Pamela Director, has become an Internet sensation overnight after entering her daughter’s local Pokémon TCG tournament and placing in the top 8.

Her daughter, Caroline Director, first shared the story of how she invited her mother to join her at the tournament at Core TCG in Pasadena, California.

Caroline quickly taught her mom how to play the game and both mother and daughter entered the tournament.

Incredibly, Pamela ended up placing in the top 8 of the tournament, and even defeated her daughter along the way.

The “Pokémom” is now the center of attention of the Pokémon community and has been receiving praise and fanart all week.

Apparently, Pamela has no plans to stop playing either, as both mother and daughter have received invites to the Charlotte Regional Championships taking place this March. If Pamela can repeat her performance there, she’ll have the chance to earn some Championship Points for a chance to qualify for the Pokémon TCG World Championship.

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