Alongside the release date, Atlus has also announced the Metaphor ReFantazio pre-order event where eager fans can receive a treasure trove of bonus content and more.

Metaphor: ReFantazio is an epic saga brought to life by the renowned creators of the Persona series.

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This action RPG blends turn-based combat with elements of real-time action, and features world exploration and character customization, providing each player a unique gaming experience.

In this article, we list down Metaphor ReFantazio pre-order options, the bonuses you will get, and where and how you can purchase them.

What is the story of Metaphor ReFantazio?

Metaphor ReFantazio protagonist and party poster
Credit: Atlus, SEGA

Metaphor ReFantazio unfolds within the United Kingdom of Euchronia, a land plunged into chaos following the assassination of its king.

You step into the shoes of a protagonist, accompanied by the fairy Galica, on a quest to break a curse placed on the presumed-dead prince.

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This serves as the backbone for a story of unity, alliance, and the quest for power in a world teeming with anxiety and turmoil.

Metaphor ReFantazio pre-order editions and bonuses

Players who want to take advantage of the Metaphor ReFantazio pre-order can choose between two editions– the Physical Standard Edition or the Collector’s Edition.

With the Physical Standard Edition, you get the Physical base game, the Archetype EXP chest set and the adventurer’s journey pack as a bonus.

Physical Standard EditionPhysical Base Game
Archetype EXP Chest Set
Adventurer’s Journey Pack
Collector’s EditionPhysical Base Game
Homo Tenta Metallic Pins
Sticker Sheet
Kingdom of Euchronia Cloth Map
Costume & Battle BGM Set DLC Voucher
Atlus 35th Anniversary Digital History Book + Soundtrack
Archetype EXP Chest Set
Adventurer’s Journey Pack

As for the Collector’s Edition, you acquire all the bonuses of the Physical Standard Edition plus other exclusive merchandise such as the Homo Tenta Metallic Pins, and Kingdom of Euchronia Cloth Map among others.

Metaphor: ReFantazio Collector's Edition guide by ONE Esports
Credit: Atlus, Sega, ONE Esports
Metaphor ReFantazio Collector’s Edition: Chart your regal rise with a cloth map

You also obtain an exclusive Costume & Battle BGM Set DLC Voucher for an even more immersive gameplay.

Where to avail Metaphor ReFantazio pre-order

To pre-order Metaphor ReFantazio, go to the game’s official website and click on the pre-order button.

You’ll land on the pre-order section of the page where you can choose which edition you prefer to purchase.

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From there, pick the platform you want to play the game, and select a retailer where you want to proceed with your purchase.

You can pick between Amazon or Gamestop, or Video Game Plus if you are in Canada.

The complete set of items included in the Metaphor ReFantazio Collector's Edition
Credit: Atlus, Sega
Snatch up the Metaphor Refantazio Collector’s Edition (PS5) now before it goes out of stock!

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