Pokémon trainers tuning into week four of the Pokémon UNITE Asia Champions League 2023 Southeast Asia division were treated to some of the most delightful games thus far, particularly as Greedent made its wildly successful tournament debut.

Until now, Greedent had not been picked in any of the regional leagues, with teams favoring classic Defender Pokémon such as Snorlax, Slowbro, and Mammoswine instead.

The power of Greedent lies in its unusual playstyle

Pokemon Unite greedent
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Unlike the aforementioned Defender type Pokémon, Greedent fills an unusual niche where it can infiltrate the opposing team’s backlines and knock out the squishy Attackers. This is an unusual playstyle for a Defender type Pokémon as they are usually seen manning the frontlines of their teams.

On top of that, this Pokémon stands out from other backline infiltrators such as Sableye and Scyther, thanks to its incredible natural bulk and self-sustainability. When drafted correctly, this Pokémon is a nuisance that isn’t easy to deal with. It requires a lot of team coordination and certain criteria such as sufficient stuns and enough burst damage to properly eliminate a well-executed Greedent.

Having been absent from the Pokémon UNITE meta for quite some time, many teams stopped drafting lineups in anticipation of a potential Greedent pick. As it turns out, this ended up setting the scene for its return in the Pokémon UNITE Asia Champions League 2023 Southeast Asia division.

Team MYS and Renaissance prove Greedent is still a viable Pokémon

Team MYS officially debuted Greedent in their series against ESCAPE V, drafting this Pokémon for both games two and three.

Masterfully handled by NightmewFoxy, fans were quickly reminded of how chaotic this Pokémon can be if not properly kept in check. Even with several full team rotations, NightmewFoxy kited them well in both games while dishing out good damage with Bullet Seed.

It was apparent in both games two and three that ESCAPE V were not ready to deal with the pesky Greedent pick.

That wasn’t the end of Greedent either. Renaissance drafted the Pokémon themselves in game two during their series against Rise that same day.

Piloted by Kamiru, Greedent’s resilience and zoning ability were on full display in multiple big team fights. Much like ESCAPE V, Rise, too, were in disarray when trying to fend off Kamiru during the match.

Both MYS and Renaissance won their series thanks to this underutilized Pokémon. After its success in the Southeast Asia division, could we start seeing more of this Pokémon in East Asia or India going forward?

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