With Gears of War 5 launching on September 10, The Coalition has announced its plans to work with PGL for the upcoming 2019-2020 Season of Gears Esports.

This partnership will see The Coalition and PGL managing three major events in the 2019-2020 Season that lead to the Gears Esports World Championship. The pair will also have oversight for multiple regional events.

As with previous seasons, all the upcoming majors will be open to all-comers. That means any Gears of War player can sign-up and compete in the regional ladders and online tournaments for weekly cash prizes. Those that break into the Pro League will be able to fight on the world stage for both glory and a share of the larger prize pools.

Enthusiast and amateur teams that are looking to go pro will get their chance via online qualifiers. They will go up against Pro League teams that are in the bottom tier to determine who is more deserving of the coveted spot.

Players who think they can turn pro should start training once Gears of War 5 launches on the PC and Microsoft Xbox One.

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