After MK11’s Aftermath story and character expansion in May, developer NetherRealm Studios has finally revealed the game’s newest Kombat Pack DLC.

Kombat Pack 2 will feature the return of franchise favorites Mileena and Rain, while also bringing action icon Rambo into the roster, acting as the fifth guest character after RoboCop. The developer confirmed their appearances with an official reveal trailer.

In the trailer, we see the usual trademarks of all three characters. Demi-god Rain shapeshifts using water to ambush a young Tarkatan with his new weapon of a jamadhar while Mileena steals the kill with a carnivorous bite using her trademark Tarkatan teeth. Though a fight starts to ensue between the returning characters, Rambo interrupts them with a trip-wire and a fully-loaded machine gun.

To add on to the hype, NetherRealm has confirmed that they actually got Rambo actor Sylvestor Stallone to voice his in-game persona.

As for Mileena, voice actress Kari Wahlgren, who’s also the voice of Kitana, did some fan service on Twitter with some witty and hilarious comments about the character’s return.

Kombat Pack 2 will be paired with the release of Mortal Kombat 11 Ultimate, a compilation of the base game with the two Kombat Packs and the Aftermatch expansion. The Ultimate version will also be NetherRealm’s entry into the next generation of consoles (PS5 and Xbox Series X).

The MK11 Kombat Pack 2 will be released on November 17.

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