The Zero Hour mission throws a time-pressured challenge your way, and the Vanguard Vault part makes it even more difficult.

While we all want the Outbreak Perfected pulse rifle, Bungie has not made the quest to get it a walk in the park.

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The Vanguard Vault makes the quest extremely challenging thanks to the limited time you have.

Here’s our Destiny 2 Vanguard Vault guide on how to navigate this frantic section and escape before the timer runs out.

Destiny 2 Vanguard Vault guide: Escape easy

Destiny 2 Zero Hour vault pathway
Credit: Ninja Pups YouTube Channel

During the Zero Hour mission, pay close attention to a specific area. You’ll encounter a dark area with a map prominently displayed on a wall (Refer to the above picture).

While its purpose might not be immediately clear, this map holds the key to a later section.

How to start Zero Hour mission in Destiny 2

As you start exploring, you will enter through a vent on the floor and come across some pipes on the wall. This is the opposite area of the vault.

You will find gray tiles near the pipes. Once you stand on these tiles, the vault door will open.

Destiny 2 Zero hour puzzle

Destiny 2 Zero Hour vault pattern
Credit: Ninja Pups YouTube Channel

After entering the vault you will see an empty room with a big tile-like pattern on the floor. You will have to follow the same pattern you saw on the wall before entering the vault. Imitate the pattern as you walk on the tiles to make your way out.

Make sure you walk correctly and follow the pattern exactly to complete the Zero Hour puzzle. Any mistake will lead you to redo the whole thing over again.

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Once you are out, you will face the final boss named TR3-VR. At this point, you should have about 10 minutes in hand. After beating him, you will complete the mission.

We advise to keep a cool head during the mission and always keep checking the timer.

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