Marvel Snap Conquest was added in July 2023. It’s a battle mode that invites players to enter a series of runs that increase in difficulty.

To advance through the ranks, you have to beat opponents at every stage. If you succeed, you’ll rise up from Proving Grounds to Infinity. Winning these matches reward you with medals that saves you a spot in the next Conquest.

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Besides Conquest, independent game developers Second Dinner also noted down plans to introduce new game modes in the future on their roadmap.

Curious about how new modes will impact player experience, ONE Esports sat down with founder and Chief Development Officer Ben Brode to find out more.

The future of Marvel Snap Conquest Mode and how new modes could come into play

Marvel Snap Conquest Mode in-game screenshot by ONE Esports
Screenshot by Nigel Zalamea/ONE Esports

Unlike team-based MOBA or FPS games where one match could last 40 minutes, Marvel Snap doesn’t require teammates or much time to play, so the game developers aren’t too concerned about population split at the moment.

They also made a conscious decision to save Infinite Conquest for the last week of the season each month, Ben told ONE Esports, which gives the best of the best a complementary layer of competitive experience.

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He describes Marvel Snap Conquest as an “ultra competitive mode,” which in turn is a “subset of the potential audience of Marvel Snap” that is not for everyone. However, the team knew that it was an important piece of the puzzle that sits in contrast to Proving Grounds where there are no stakes.

“It felt like a keystone to what we needed. We always knew that this was going to be part of the game. So almost regardless of what the community response was or the play rate, or any of that, it didn’t matter,” said Ben.

Marvel Snap wallpaper
Credit: Second Dinner, Nuverse, Marvel

So Conquest Mode is definitely here to stay — and they’re already looking ahead to the future to add new modes.

“We’ll experiment. I think we don’t necessarily want to just keep adding infinitely, but when we hit something that we think is really fun and deserves a permanent spot, I think we’re not afraid of that,” he said.

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Experimenting is a core part of company culture where they try new things, “rip them out,” and try something else, he explained. One mechanic in Marvel Snap that they experimented with a lot is how to get cards into players hands.

“You’ll see that kind of stuff from us as we explore game modes and different ways to play Marvel Snap,” Ben said. “Sometimes it won’t work. And we’ll be like, that’s a limited time mode.”

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Community feedback plays a key role in developing new games modes and updates. Second Dinner are active on Discord and are always listening on social media platforms because they see themselves as part of the Marvel Snap community.

“Community sentiment and feedback is a critical part of our input. The reason we publish our roadmap and what we’re working on is so that we can get feedback,” said Ben. “Then there’s internal team feedback and metrics that we look at which always inform our future decisions.”

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