Don’t Nod’s latest action roleplaying game, Banishers Ghosts of New Eden, is finally here and with that, the completionists are already looking for a Banishers Ghosts of New Eden trophies guide to unlock every achievement in the game to get to 100% progress eventually. 

While some of the trophies in Banishers Ghosts of New Eden are straightforward, and you can unlock them as you progress the game, there are many that depend on certain decisions, collecting items, defeating enemies in a particular manner and so on. 

So, to avoid multiple playthroughs and plan out the trophy hunt in the game, we have prepared this handy Banishers Ghosts of New Eden guide and details on how you can unlock them. 

All Banishers Ghosts of New Eden trophies and achievements and how to unlock them

Full Banishers Ghosts of New Eden trophies list
Credit: Focus Interactive

Banishers Ghosts of New Eden offers 43 trophies with one Platinum, three Gold, nine Silver, and 30 Bronze. Among these trophies, 12 are secret ones that you are expected to unlock as you master the game and defeat certain bosses. 

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That being said, here is the complete list of all Banishers Ghosts of New Eden trophies and details on unlocking them:

TrophyTrophy typeHow to unlock
Master BanishersPlatinumUnlock all trophies
Cases ClosedGoldSolve all the Haunting Cases of New Eden
Death is a journeyGoldSuccessfully bring Antea back to life
Farewell my loveGoldSuccessfully give Antea her ascent
Teacher’s PetBronzeFind 15 Bibles for Hugh Batcheler
American VampyrBronzeFind the old writings by the Brotherhood of Saint Paul’s Stole
Second DeathBronzeDefeat the Specter of a banished ghost in the Void
Hidden DoorBronzeUnlock the secret passage in Bligh Manor
Until a cure is foundBronzeFreeze 5 enemies in a single encounter
CounterattackBronzeDefeat 3 enemies with a post-parry attack in a single encounter
Right on TargetBronzeDefeat 5 enemies with a weak spot hit (Rifle) in a single encounter
OutburstBronzeDefeat 3 enemies with a single Outburst
Float like a ButterflyBronzeDefeat 8 enemies in a single encounter without being hit
A Farmer’s LifeSilverComplete the same Ritual site 10 times (intensity level 10)
Banishing MoveBronzeDefeat 50 enemies with a Banishment
SoulmatesSilverDefeat 50 enemies while Fusion is active
TeamworkBronzeDefeat at least 4 enemies with Red and at least 4 enemies with Antea in a single encounter
Gimme ShelterBronzeActivate all Shelters in New Eden
Demolition ManBronzeDestroy 300 destructibles
LocksmithBronzeUnlock all locked chests in New Eden
Cursed LocksmithBronzeUnlock all cursed chests in New Eden
RaiderBronzeComplete all Haunted Grounds of New Eden
BookwormSilverCollect all Collectibles in New Eden
The Good HunterSilverFind 50 Soul Grabbers in New Eden
ProspectorSilverComplete all treasure maps
Unlimited PowerBronzeUpgrade an item
Bring it on!BronzeEquip 8 items at rank 7 (Relic) at the same moment
A Perfect ToolBronzeUpgrade an item at rank 7 (Relic)
Round FigureSilverCollect 10 000 Pieces of Eight
Catch ‘Em AllSilverCollect all 88 available equipments
Full PotencySilverReach level 25
A Promise madeBronzeTake your Oath
Final PromiseBronzeReaffirm your Oath
ReunionBronzeFind Antea
No more BeastBronzeDefeat the Beast
Broken PuppetBronzeDefeat the Puppeteer
Injustice For AllBronzeDefeat the Infamy
Old moss-headBronzeDefeat Aul’ Saul
Nazuku no moreBronzeDefeat Calendre
The Curse is liftedSilverDefeat the Nightmare
Rose’s fateBronzeChoose the destiny of Thickskin
Burden of CommandBronzeChoose the destiny of Captain Pennington
Judged JuryBronzeChoose the destiny of Fairefax Haskell

That sums up all Banishers Ghosts of New Eden trophies and how to get them. If the game gets any DLC and new trophies, we will update this Banishers Ghosts of New Eden trophy guide. 

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