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Want to become even stronger in AFK Journey? These AFK Journey codes are all you need to jumpstart your road to having the best characters in the game.

AFK Journey is a free-to-play fantasy RPG game published by Farlight Games, and released on PC and mobile platforms.

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In this game, you play different heroes as they take on an adventure in a fictional world filled with magic and otherworldly creatures.

If you have just downloaded the game and want to get in on the action, these AFK Journey codes can help you roll for the characters you need to progress.

All the AFK Journey codes

AFK Journey logo
Credit: Lilith Games, Farlight Games

These codes give you various rewards such as diamonds and gold, which you can use to draw new characters or upgrade existing ones.

AFKJourneyJoshDub100 Diamonds, 18,000 gold
AFKJourneyrug200 Diamonds, 20,000 gold
AFKJourneyJianhao200 Diamonds, 20,000 gold
AFKJourneyLGIO200 Diamonds, 20,000 gold
AFKJourneyDE100 Diamonds, 18,000 gold
AFKJourneyMSA200 Diamonds, 20,000 gold
AFKJourneySqueezie200 Diamonds, 20,000 gold
AFKJourneyZanny100 Diamonds, 18,000 gold
AFKJourneyPG0100 Diamonds, 18,000 gold
AFKJourney88100 Diamonds, 18,000 gold
AFKJourneyCarbot200 Diamonds, 20,000 gold
AFKJourneyTGT200 Diamonds, 20,000 gold
AFKJourneyViva200 Diamonds, 20,000 gold
AFKJourneyCMK100 Diamonds, 18,000 gold
AFKJourneyNOGLA200 Diamonds, 20,000 gold
AFKJourneyVG200 Diamonds, 20,000 gold
AFKJourneyArt327 Diamonds, 16,000 gold
AFKJN2024188 Diamonds, 18,000 gold
AFKJourneyPAX400 Diamonds, 40,000 gold
AFKJourneyCreator200 Diamonds, 18,000 gold
AFKJourneyTT88 Diamonds, 16,000 gold
AFKJourneyAlpharad100 Diamonds, 18,000 gold
AFKJourneyHI100 Diamonds, 18,000 gold
AFKJourneySpecialEDD100 Diamonds, 18,000 gold
AFKJourneyPRESTON200 Diamonds, 20,000 gold
AFKJCREATIONFEST200 Diamonds, 50,000 gold
AFKJCCPROGRAM100 Diamonds, 10,000 gold
LILITH11AFKJ11 Invite Letters

How to claim AFK Journey codes

Promo code button to claim AFK Journey codes
Credit: Farlight Games, Lilith Games

You can redeem codes in-game. Here’s how to do it:

  • Open the game and wait for the main interface to open.
  • Click the three dots on the lower right side of the screen, and click on the gear icon on the lower right side of the screen once again.
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  • Click on the others tab, just below the squirrel character.
  • Click on the promo code button beside the terms of service button.
  • Enter the code to redeem your reward.

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