Garena‘s mobile battle royale game Free Fire is known for its diverse collection of skins and elite pass bundles.

While most of these bedazzling cosmetics are purchasable through Diamonds, there are some that enter the store once in a blue Booyah moon.

Here are the five rarest Free Fire skins that you need to get your hands on.

The 5 rare Free Fire skins that you need to know about

5. Galaxy Dino

Galaxy Dino as one of the rare Free Fire skins
Credit: Garena

The Galaxy Dino skins were the main catch in the first-ever Free Fire Incubator, aptly titled the Dino Rangers Incubator. 

It took seven Blueprints and three Evolution Stones to obtain the Galaxy Dino Bundle, all of which can only be obtained randomly using Diamonds.

This specific incubator introduced six comfy dinosaur onesies for your character. Aside from having a Minions-themed suit in the mix, they come with some of the best particle effects.

Until now, the Incubator has yet to return, making the Galaxy Dino bundle one of the rarest Free Free skins to date. If you ever use this skin in a match, you’ll be leaving your fellow players in awe of your T-rex antics.

4. Arctic Blue

Arctic Blue as one of the rare Free Fire skins
Credit: Garena

The ice-hot Arctic Blue skin was initially introduced through the Diamond Royale. The legendary bundle features a masked character that’s engulfed in his own blue flames.

While the skin bundle has appeared in the Magic Cube store a few times, Free Fire fans are always looking for ways to get the sleek skin bundle.

3. The Streets

The Streets as one of the rare Free Fire skins
Credit: Garena

An older relic of Free Fire, The Streets bundle was released in the second Elite Pass, the Hip Hop Elite Pass. If you happened to play the mobile battle royale in its earlier seasons, you’ll definitely remember this skin.

While most of Free Fire’s skins bank on flashy and otherworldly designs, The Streets has a more stylish look that mirrors the aesthetic of Grand Theft Auto and Saint’s Row.

With only a few older players still active in the game, The Streets embodies an iconic veteran look amongst the rarest Free Fire skins.

2. Green Criminal

Green Criminal as one of the rare Free Fire skins
Credit: Garena

Despite being an older bundle on the list, the Green Criminal is one of the rarest Free Fire skins because of its strictly luck-based requirements.

The Green Criminal was introduced through the Lucky Draw event. Unlike the game’s usual events, the Lucky Draw had no guarantee of getting the Green Criminal, leaving many to pass on the event and save their Diamonds.

If you ever spot the Green Criminal, you’ll know that the player spent a ton of Diamonds to flex one of the rarest Free Fire skins in a match.

1. Sakura Blossom

Sakura Blossom as one of the rarest Free Fire skins
Credit: Garena

Last, but not least, the Sakura Blossom tops the list as the rarest Free Fire skin. 

The Japanese-themed bundle was featured in the first-ever Elite Pass in 2018. As the first iteration of the game’s season pass, the growing player base was still questioning its worth, so only die-hard Free Fire fans ended up spending on the skin.

The Sakura Blossom may be a hit for fans of Japanese culture, but the time-honored skin definitely looks dated compared to the game’s more recent, detailed skins.

With no real appeal to reissue the classic bundle in the store, the Sakura Blossom goes down in history as one of the rarest Free Fire skins in existence.

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