The popular Fortnite tournament, Friday Fortnite, is back with another major announcement.

This week, LeBron James Jr. will be participating in Friday Fortnite, according to Fortnite Intel. LeBron “Bronny” James Jr. is the oldest son of Los Angeles Lakers superstar, LeBron James and he’s very much into Fortnite.

He’s been seen playing squads with different FaZe Clan members, and was able to hold his own against them.

FaZe Adapt, Apex, and Rain playing zone wars with LeBron James Jr. (xGodlikex23)

FaZe Clan invited Bronny to join the Friday Fortnite tournament and offered to team him up with FaZe Sway, who is a well known professional player. FaZe Sway is best known for queuing solo for squad games and getting as many eliminations as he can.

Friday Fortnite is a weekly online tournament hosted by YouTuber Keemstar with prize money given away by esports organization FaZe Clan.

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