If you are playing LEGO survival mode in Fortnite, you must know how to get and use Knotroot in LEGO Fortnite. Knotroot is one of the most essential crafting materials in the game that you need in the early and mid-game for crafting a variety of tools and equipment that are required somewhat for progressing. 

But since the game doesn’t exactly tell you how to get LEGO Fortnite Knotroot, finding it becomes one of the most daunting tasks. So keep reading our guide as we share the location and details on where you can find Knotroot in LEGO Fortnite while going over its uses. 

How to get LEGO Fortnite Knotroot

How to get Knotroot in LEGO Fortnite
Screenshot by Hritwik Raj/ONE Esports

You can get Knotroot by destroying the roots found inside caves using a Level 2 Forest Axe. A higher rarity Axe is required. Otherwise, you won’t be able to destroy the roots to obtain Knotroot. So make sure to upgrade the Crafting Bench to craft the Uncommon, Rare or Epic Forest Axe to get Knotroot from caves. 

LEGO Fortnite Knotroot locations
Screenshot by Hritwik Raj/ONE Esports
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So far, we have noticed that almost every cave offers LEGO Fortnite Knotroot. So once you clear a cave, you must head to the next one and keep farming Knotroot based on your requirements. Apart from destroying the roots inside the caves, there is no other method of obtaining Knotroot in the game. 

LEGO Fortnite Knotroot
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Now, to make an Uncommon Forest Axe in LEGO Fortnite, you need the following materials:

  • Bone x3
  • Wooden Rod x3

Lastly, when you are inside a cave, you will find most of the Knotroots unreachable and hanging out of the cave ceiling. Reaching it is very easy. All you need are woods in your inventory to build stairs and other platforms via the Build Menu to reach the Knotroot. 

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How to use Knotroot in LEGO Fortnite

LEGO Fortnite Knotroot -- how to use
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You can use LEGO Fortnite Knotroot to make crafting materials like Knotroot Rods and tools and equipment like Shovel, Fishing Rod, Recurve Bow, Longsword, Dynamite, etc. 

That sums up our guide on how to get LEGO Fortnite Knotroot and use it. 

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