A leak has revealed that a new Buried Treasure item is set to be included ik in the next update for Fortnite: Battle Royale Season 8.

Renown Fortnite leaker and data miner Fort Tory found sound files in the game data for the Buried Treasure item, though what exactly it does could not be determined from the information that he found.

Aside from the sound files that allegedly prove the existence of the Buried Treasure, one of the potential locations where players can find them was uncovered as well. In the northeastern corner of the map, a stone ‘X’ marker surrounded by chests can be seen. Files for objects such as a “shovel” and “dirt to dig” were also discovered alongside it.

While the information found in the leak is too vague to determine what the Buried Treasure is for exactly, we can safely assume that players might end up being tasked to dig up some of them for rare loot or some other form of reward.

Aside from what was discovered, the Buried Treasure leak seems to hold water mainly because Fortnite Season 8 has a pirate theme and the fitting subtitle of ‘X Marks the Spot.’ After all, what are pirates without buried treasure for them to track down, right?

We can only wait for the item to be implemented in the next Fortnite update, which may release on March 5.