Epic Games has revealed the prize distribution for the Fortnite: Battle Royale tournament taking place over the weekend, the Scallywag Duos Cup, that will serve as a test for the upcoming Fortnite World Cup.

According to a post by Epic on the Fortnite subreddit, the Scallywag Duos Cup will feature a US$100,000 prize pool across all regions, and will be split into two rounds.

Round one, or the semifinals, will be played on March 16, while round two will host the finals on the following day. Each round will last for three hours, with participating players only be able to play a maximum of 10 matches per day.

By the end of the semifinals, the top 1,500 duos in each of the six participating regions will advance into the finals. The top 25 duos from the finals will then be awarded prizes to be split between each team member.

The the top prize will vary based on region, however. For NA East and Europe, first place holders will earn $2,500 and $3,500 respectively, while the winning Duos from the other four regions will only receive $1,000.

The remaining top 25 duos will be awarded separate prize amounts depending on their ranking in each region.

Epic Games first revealed the Scallywag Duos Cup with the release of patch v8.10.

More importantly, the tournament will serve as a test to improve the Events and prize payment systems for the Fortnite World Cup taking place throughout the remainder of the year.