On May 3, Epic Games banned Fortnite pros, Damion “XXiF” Cook and Ronald “Ronaldo” Mach for 14 days and stripped them of their qualifying spot in the Fortnite World Cup for colluding during the Week 3 singles qualifier. Both were also dismissed from their esports organization, Rise Nation.

However, after serving their suspension, the pair returned and have now re-qualified for the World Cup, placing third in the Week 8 duos qualifier with 91 points.

Unfortunately, new accusations of cheating have once again surfaced against XXiF, including this clip that appears to show a player called “relays13” landing near XXiF to be killed:

To add to the suspicion, streamer Nick “NICKMERCS” Kolcheff discovered that relays13 was a previous teammate of XXiF (warning: strong language).


While XXiF did not respond directly to the allegations, he did tweet this:

Several Fortnite pros and streamers have voiced their displeasure over the duo qualifying for the Fortnite World Cup.

“I don’t think they’ve ever cheated, but I know where I’m landing the last week of duos,” said Turner “Tfue” Tenney on his stream, and also joked that “all the bots land there and he could just get free kills” by heading to the spot where XXif got his relays13 frag.

Team Liquid’s Noah “Vivid” Wright tweeted:

Fortnite caster Ben “DrLupo” Lupo tweeted:

Epic Games has yet to issue a statement about the latest allegations against XXiF.

The Fortnite World Cup takes place in New York from July 26 – 28. There is a US$30 million prize pool up for grabs.

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