Get ready for stealth action and building.

Not content with releasing the Endgame Limited Time Mode movie tie-in last week, the developer is already teasing a new item called the “Shadow Bomb” with a caption that simply says “Into the shadows: Stealth and utility make for a surprise!”.

From the looks of it, it could that the Shadow Bomb will basically be a smoke grenade that covers you and your squad in an area, much like a stink bomb without the damage (and the smell). It could also give the user and their teammates the ability to see through the smoke, but that may make the item a bit overpowered.

Credit: Fortnite

Of course, with the Shadow Bomb, it’s possible that Epic is bringing back the shadow stone effect, which when activated, would turn the user into a ghost-like creature that can move through terrain quicker than normal.

If this turns out to be the effect, it may likely be a game-changer. Being able to effectively turn your whole squad into fast moving ghosts at a press of a button may grant you the Victory Royale.

That said, there will likely be balance issues to consider as well, so Epic may limit the duration of the ghost time, or even remove the ability to turn back into a human mode at any time, turning it into a “desperate times call for desperate measures” item.

We’ll have to see what Epic has in store for us when the patch hits sometime this week.

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