As interest in esports football continues to grow, FIFA has unveiled its 2020 plans for its biggest esports football tournaments. This includes FIFA eWorld Cup, FIFA eNations Cup, and FIFA eClub World Cup

The last two events will be a part of the nine-month competitive Road to the FIFA eWorld Cup 2020. Teams competing in both events will be in the running for the prize pool of at least US$3 million across the EA Sports FIFA 20 Global Series.

Players that want to qualify for the eWorld Cup must earn enough EA SPORTS 20 Global Series Ranking Points. They can only get these points at marquee live events — eight in total — and qualify for them through online competitions. The Top 128 — 64 per games platform — on the Global Series Rankings for will get one more opportunity to earn points at the Global Series Playoffs.

From there, the Top 32 will compete for championship glory at the FIFA eWorld Cup Grand Final in July 2020.

The global level FIFA eNations Cup, which focuses more on national teams competing, will run from May 22 to 24, 2020. Eligible nations can create an official national team to take part in the qualifier. All teams will be playing in a 2-VS-2 format to determine who is most deserving of the eNations Cup.

As for the eClub World Cup, this is where football clubs from all over field their very best in esports football. Players will compete in 2-VS-2 matches next year — from February 7 to 9. Before that, they will go through a tiered online qualification system that runs over six-weeks with 1-VS-1 rounds. Teams can register here by 7 November 2019.

Further details and the updated regulations for next year’s eWorld Cup, eNations Cup, and eClub World Cup can be found here.

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