MWI 2022 has been a great kick-off to start the year! The tournament has introduced loads of fresh new faces showing what they can do in our very first women’s only international tournament. But who’s stood out to me so far? Here are the players I’ve been most impressed by.

Azean “Yann” Faeizan (Karra)

Let me first get my own personal Malaysian bias out of the way. Yann from Karra has been an exemplary mage player who is currently topping the charts in terms of kills as well as assists!

What’s really impressed me is her Kagura gameplay. Managing to clutch important timings during teamfights and always maximizing Yin Yang Overturn, she rarely misses a beat. She’s also always punishing multiple high-priority opponents with a signature fade-away Flameshot adding flare to her kills. 

Patcharee “Ramella” Korpakdee (IDNS)

Next on the list we have the famed Ramella from IDNS. Despite playing with new teammates from IDNS Laos, Ramella hasn’t missed a beat, and has been carrying her team so far.

Her mechanics alone are unmatched, but what makes her a next-level player is her leadership and calls in-game that allows her to help control the mental state of the team and set up for important comebacks late in the game.

Winda Dwipattdiana “Earl” Lunardi (GPX Basreng)

Next on the list is GPX Earl, who has been nothing but exceptional as a roamer.

Strong fundamentals back up her game sense, shutting down important rotations and consistently feeding information to her team. When looking at her stats, it’s unbelievable that after only six games she has amassed 69 assists with only six deaths and 11 kills to her name. She gets the job done, and no doubt the WSL has shaped her to be the best performing roamer in the tourney. 

The entire roster of Bigetron Era

Finally, we have Bigetron… yes, the entire team.

It’s really hard to nitpick a team that has severely outclassed every opponent they have met so far. From lanes to macros, they have, by far, the best fundamentals and true understanding of how this game works as a team.

If I had to highlight one player and this is solely based on their most common game plan, I’d give the nod to Michelle Denise “Chelll” Siswanto or Vorelle Valencia “Vival” Chen.

Chell is extremely oppressive in lane and works perfectly with a spearhead like Vival applying pressure on the opposite side of the map to force opponents away from Chell.

Coming back to the team as a whole, their overall strategies are executed to a very high level so expecting nothing less than success. BTR ERA is completely in a class of their own when it comes to team play. No doubt the WSL champions will continue to wreak havoc in MWI, and I only see GPX as the only opponents that could potentially disrupt their gameplans. 

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