Gamers start young—even younger if your father is one of Dota 2’s most accomplished players.

Two-time TI winner Topias “Topson” Taavitsainen might no longer be in the pro scene, but he certainly seems prepared to gear up his daughter for it. In an adorable photo with his daughter, Riina, the proud dad showed off her newest equipment—a small Secretlab Titan chair that seems tailor-fitted to her.

Topson and his daughter, Riina, who is in a Secretlab Titan XXS chair
Credit: Topson

Still in her pyjamas, she nevertheless looked perfectly in place seated on her pink gaming chair for a pastel package. All that’s missing is a mouse, keyboard, and a game of Dota 2 loaded and ready.

Can I buy the chair that Topson has?

If you have aspiring young gamers, or want a cute, relatively miniature Secretlab chair—this is actually a thing you can buy.

Called the TITAN XXS, you can purchase one here for about US$290. This could be a nice, thoughtful gift for a particularly small friend, or a deserving child who just aced their exams.

Despite his retirement from professional Dota 2, Topson continues to keep his skills sharp over on his Twitch stream. He streams practically every day, and remains one of the highest-ranked players in the SEA server—so expect to see a lot of strange hero picks and unconventional item builds.

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