VG vs Team Secret | TI9 – Lower Bracket Round 3 Highlights

Blink ???? and you'll miss it! Team Secret eliminates VG from TI9 in dominant fashion!

Posted by ONE Esports on Friday, August 23, 2019

One of the two Chinese teams left in TI9, Vici Gaming was set to face Team Secret in a high-pressure best-of-three elimination match.

Secret managed to bounce back after losing to Evil Geniuses in Round 1 of their Upper Bracket series. They then fended off underdogs Mineski and Infamous to move on to Top 6 of the tournament.

On the other hand, Vici Gaming had a tremendous group stage performance and handily defeated TNC in the Upper Bracket. However, they found themselves in the Lower Bracket after a loss to fellow Chinese powerhouse team, PSG.LGD.

Vici Gaming was unable to find their footing in the match against Team Secret, with the European squad finishing the Chinese squad off after two quick games.

Game one

Vici Gaming drafted a full disable line up with Leshrac, Tide Hunter, Lion, Earth Spirit, and a Medusa carry for Zhang “Paparazi” Chengjun; while Secret responded with their own team fight focused line-up with Elder Titan, Rubick, Centaur Warrunner, and the last pick carry Io on Michal “Nisha” Jankowski.

Secret took an early advantage against VG, especially with their top tri-lane of Elder Titan, Rubick, and Io. And once Ludwig “zai’ Wahlberg hit level 6 on his Centaur, Secret was able to run down VG’s heroes.

Knowing how dangerous an Io carry coul be, VG tried to blow up Nisha with a blink Ravage, but because of a mistimed stun by Leshrac, Nisha was able to tether away. With the Ravage spent, VG was forced to retreat.

With an Aghanim’s Scepter on Nisha, Secret put the pressure on VG. And with Paparazi lacking farm on his Medusa, Secret knew VG did not have the damage to win a team fight.

Team Secret was in complete control of game one and after a stolen Ravage from Yazied “Yapzor” Jaradat, VG was forced to tap out at the 23-minute mark.

Game two

With one game away from being eliminated from TI9, VG bet it all on an Alchemist carry for Paparazi. Secret countered with a Bristleback and Omniknight combo.

Again, Secret put the early pressure on VG by constantly threatening to take down their towers, while Alchemist focused on farming.

Secret kept pressing forward with Nisha in the frontline, with Zai providing support with heals and his Heavenly Grace ability. At the 16-minute mark, Secret took down the Dire bottom set of Barracks.

Just like in game one, Secret stayed inside of VG’s base up until they were forced to fight back. But with a 13,000 gold lead on Team Secret’s side, the end was inevitable. VG was forced to call good game, and exit TI9.

Vici Gaming was understandably devastated after their loss to Team Secret, but they achieved a fifth-sixth finish at TI9, and will take home at least US$1.1 million in prize money.

Team Secret’s tournament run continues and must now face TI7 champions Team Liquid in the lower bracket semi-finals.

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