PSG.LGD looked unbeatable during Day 1 of TI9 Group Stage after beating Chaos and Keen Gaming, but they were unable to take two games against a resilient TNC team.

After TNC’s lackluster performance against Mineski, fans expected the Filipino squad to regress even more against PSG.LGD. But during game one, TNC caught everyone by surprise and dominated the early stages of the match.

TNC kept building upon their lead and, because of PSG.LGD’s passive Naga Siren strategy, the game was mostly one-sided.

With TNC threatening to enter the Dire base, PSG.LGD made their move that ultimately led to a beatdown for them. TNC punished PSG.LGD every time they left their base and at the 48-minute mark, the game was over.

PSG.LGD took a more aggressive approach during game two, and they retaliated with an impressive 10 – 2 start of their own against TNC.

PSG.LGD picked off Radiant heroes throughout game two and slowly built up a demoralizing lead. With Wang “Ame” Chunyu’s Sven easily cutting down Radiant heroes, the Chinese team’s win was inevitable.

TNC couldn’t find any openings against PSG.LGD. And, on the 35-minute mark, they were forced to retreat all the way into their fountain. Both Ame and Lu “Maybe” Yao ended game two with Beyond Godlike streaks.

PSG.LGD finishes day 1 of the TI9’s group stage with an impressive 5-1 score, while TNC Predator ended their day at 3-3.

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