When one of the best Rubick players in the world manages to get his signature hero, it’s definitely not a good sign for the other team.

Xu “Fy” Linsen took advantage of Rubick’s spell stealing ultimate in game one and stole a bunch of spells from the opponent, including Faceless Void’s ultimate Time Stop and Outworld Devourer’s Sanity’s Eclipse to completely rout Keen Gaming.

The other Chinese team had no answer, and bowed out after close to 31 minutes.

The second game saw Keen Gaming rallying for a closer game. KG’s Wang “old chicken” Zhiyong’s Naga Siren helped to hold the game in favor of KG, both carrying and controlling the pace of the game.

PSG.LGD managed to win some great team fights and turned the game around, but KG still managed to fend them off, winning a few big team fights of their own.

In the end, PSG.LGD’s dual cores proved to be the better strategy and crushed KG to take out the ancient.

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