And then there were 16 left at The International 2023.

Four teams have been eliminated, and yet more will drop in pursuit of the Aegis of Champions through the TI12 main event’s gauntlet. Only one team can win all the glory — and we’ll find out exactly who on October 30.

What is The International 2023 main event?

The International 12 (TI12) Aegis
Credit: Valve

The International — Dota 2’s premier, season-ending tournament — stages its 12th iteration in Seattle, running from October 12 to 29.

Following the group stage, the main event will take six days — two separate weekends on October 20 to 22, then October 28 to 30.

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The prize? The Aegis of Champions that represents the zenith of a pro player’s career, accompanied by a prize pool worth millions of dollars.

What is the legendary Dota 2 TI Aegis?

Teams competing in TI12 main event

Tundra Esports wins TI11
Credit: Valve

16 teams contest the TI12 main event, after beastcoast, Thunder Awaken, PSG Quest, and Team SMG were eliminated in the group stage.

Team LiquidDota Pro Circuit #1
Gaimin GladiatorsDota Pro Circuit #2
Tundra EsportsDota Pro Circuit #3
9PandasDota Pro Circuit #4
Evil GeniusesDota Pro Circuit #5
LGD GamingDota Pro Circuit #6
Shopify RebellionDota Pro Circuit #7
Talon EsportsDota Pro Circuit #8
Team SpiritDota Pro Circuit #10
TSMDota Pro Circuit #11
BetBoom TeamDota Pro Circuit #12
nounsNorth American Qualifier
Keyd StarsSouth American Qualifier
EntityWestern Europe Qualifier
Virtus ProEastern Europe Qualifier
Azure RayChina Qualifier
PSG.LGD NothingToSay, y`, and xiao8 at The International 10's (TI10) main event
Credit: Valve

TI12 main event format

The TI12 main event will follow a similar schedule to its last iteration in Singapore, with the competition split up between two weekends:

  • Playoffs: October 20-22
  • The Finals: October 27-29

There will also no longer be lower-bracket best-of-ones. All 16 teams that enter the playoffs will get at least one best-of-three series to fight for their tournament lives at in Seattle.

TI12 main event schedule and results

October 20

Upper bracket quarterfinals

Team Spirit2 – 1Virtus Pro
Team Liquid2 – 0Talon Esports
LGD Gaming2 – 09Pandas
nouns0 – 2Azure Ray

October 21

Lower bracket round 1

Shopify Rebellion0 – 2TSM
Evil Geniuses0 – 2Gaimin Gladiators

Lower bracket round 2

nouns2 – 0TSM
9Pandas0 – 2Gaimin Gladiators

October 22

Lower bracket round 1

Keyd Stars0 – 2BetBoom Team
Tundra Esports0 – 2Entity

Lower bracket round 2

Talon Esports1 – 2BetBoom Team
Virtus Pro2 – 0Entity

October 27

Lower bracket round 3

nouns0 – 2Gaimin Gladiators
BetBoom Team2 – 0Virtus Pro

Upper bracket semifinals

Team Spirit2 – 1Team Liquid
LGD Gaming2 – 0Azure Ray

October 28

Lower bracket quarterfinals

Team Liquid1 – 2Gaimin Gladiators
Azure Ray2 – 1BetBoom Team

Upper bracket final

Team Spirit2 – 0LGD Gaming

Lower bracket semifinal

Gaimin Gladiators2 – 0Azure Ray
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October 29

Lower bracket final

LGD Gaming0 – 2Gaimin Gladiators

Grand final

Team Spirit3 – 0Gaimin Gladiators

Team Spirit wins TI12!

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TI12 prize pool

Team Spirit wins The International 10 (TI10) Valve's Dota 2 world championship
Credit: Valve

TI12’s prize pool is slated to be about US$3 million, at the time of writing.

1stUS$1,413,19445%Team Spirit
2ndUS$376,79612%Gaimin Gladiators
3rdUS$251,2678%LGD Gaming
4thUS$172,6815.5%Azure Ray
5th-6thUS$102,1103.25%BetBoom Team
Team Liquid
Virtus Pro
Talon Esports
13th-16thUS$47,1521.5%Evil Geniuses
Keyd Stars
Shopify Rebellion
Tundra Esports
17th-20thUS$31,4341%Team SMG
Thunder Awaken
PSG Quest

How the prize pools for Dota 2’s The International became the biggest in esports

Where to watch TI12?

You can watch the streams on Dota 2’s official Twitch channels, or YouTube.

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