Ready to pay for exclusive hats in celebration of The International? Well, you can’t — at least, not for a while.

The TI12 Compendium drops, with “a collection of challenges that we’ve built around the pro players and the event itself,” according to Valve.

Along with a revamped profile page — which you can customize to your own liking with your items, stickers, and more — players get traditional TI activities like Fantasy and Predictions, along with new additions such as Bingo, the Road to TI challenge, and Compendium rewards.

The Compendium rewards don’t reward hero cosmetics, but the prized item here for ardent collectors will be the inclusion of the Collector’s Aegis, a 1/5th-scale replica of the Aegis of Champions. There are also permanent chat lines, a HUD, and player stickers.

Want hats? They aren’t available in the TI12 Compendium, but they are coming later

Dota Anti-Mage Persona
Credit: Valve

Unfortunately, the one thing most people look forward to are the exclusive hats — including arcanas and personas of years past, often tied to The International’s Battle Pass — are conspicuously missing.

Instead, we might be getting cosmetics later into the year, according to the developer’s statement.

“We’re already working on future updates with different focuses and we know you’re excited to learn more about the next big patch, and the next set of arcanas, and everything else we’re working on — but that’s for after the champions claim the Aegis,” Valve wrote.

You can check out the TI12 Compendium here and in-game, with purchase starting at US$7.49, with the upgraded Compendium coming in at US$29.99.

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