The ONE Esports Singapore Major’s wild card has officially concluded and we now know that PSG.LGD, Vici Gaming, and Team Liquid will advance to the Group Stage of the competition. Team Nigma, T1, and AS Monaco Gambit have been eliminated.

Here’s a recap of how every game from the Wild Card played out.

Day 1 — Saturday (March 27)

Team Liquid 2 — 0 Team Nigma

On day one, Team Liquid looked like the most prepared team of the Wild Card round, while Team Nigma were never able to find their footing with the team’s offlaner Ivan Borislavov “MinD_ContRoL” Ivanov unable to join his team to Singapore due to health issues.

AS Monaco Gambit 2 — 0 T1

In the second game of the day, AS Monaco Gambit completely outclassed T1 finishing both games before the 30-minute mark. T1 clearly struggled without Carlo “Kuku” Palad, the team’s offlaner and shot caller, who was also missing in action.

Team Liquid 2 — 0 PSG.LGD

Team Liquid continued to showcase their incredible team fight synergy against PSG.LGD with Michael “miCKe” Vu putting on a show as the team’s hard carry player.

Vici Gaming 2 — 0 AS Monaco Gambit

Chinese Dota 2 squad Vici Gaming opened their Singapore Major campaign with a huge win over a talented and resilient AS Monaco Gambit squad. VG also showed they’re able to play towards the late game exceptionally well, defeating Gambit in a 67-minute marathon of a game.

PSG.LGD 2 — 0 Team Nigma

PSG.LGD immediately bounced back and took advantage of a Team Nigma who were still trying to swap out players to different positions after each game. In Game 1, Roman “rmN-” Paley played the offlane position, but in Game 2, he swapped roles with Kuro “KuroKy” Takhasomi.

Vici Gaming 2 — 0 T1

Vici Gaming finished their Day 1 with another two convincing wins, this time against T1 where they used a unique Luna support pick. VG also showcased a very unique and effective Grimstroke counter to Wraith King that we’re sure we’ll see more of in future matches.

AS Monaco Gambit 2 — 0 Team Nigma

AS Monaco Gambit took another big win to close their first day, with a big win over the flustered Team Nigma squad who decided to move KuroKy to the midlane. Team Nigma actually showed signs of life in both games, but Gambit were able to capitalize on key mistakes and earned the clean sweep.

Team Liquid 2 — 0 T1

Team Liquid completed a perfect run on the first day of the Wild Card by besting T1 and improving to 6-0. Team Liquid simply outplayed all their opponents during the first day of the Wild Card and showed that they’re ready for the next phase of the competition.

Day 2 — Sunday (March 28)

AS Monaco Gambit 0 — 2 PSG.LGD

PSG.LGD started Day 2 of the Wild Card with a bang as they blitzed AS Monaco Gambit, winning the first game in just 27 minutes. PSG.LGD then outdid themselves by winning the next game five minutes faster.

Vici Gaming 1 — 1 Team Nigma

The Singapore Major saw its first draw of the tournament when Vici Gaming and Team Nigma earned victories against one another. Team Nigma finally showed glimpses of what they’re capable of against VG in game two, and even though they made some key mistakes in the late game, Team Nigma still managed to score an impressive win over the Chinese favorites.

AS Monaco Gambit 2 — 0 Team Liquid 

AS Monaco Gambit had clearly done their homework on Team Liquid overnight, as they came in completely prepared for Team Liquid’s team fight-focused lineup. In both games, Gambit managed to outplay Liquid in pivotal clashes throughout the match, picking up the crucial 2-0 victory.

T1 2 — 0 Team Nigma

Team Nigma’s woes continued as T1 eliminated them from the tournament in their final series of the weekend. Karl “KarL” Jayme dominated Game 1 with a KDA record of 20/1/21 on the Puck while T1’s newest member, Nuengnara “23savage” Teeramahanon contributed by going 17/2/17 in Game 2.

Vici Gaming 2 — 0 Team Liquid

Vici Gaming scored another big win when they defeated Team Liquid towards the end of Day 2. Vici Gaming simply proved they’re a much better squad in drafting and team fights against most teams in the wild card stage.

PSG.LGD 2 — 0 T1

PSG.LGD climbed to the top of the Wild Card leaderboard by defeating T1 with key performances from Zhao “XinQ” Zixing and Zhang “y`” Yiping, who had KDA records of 8/3/13 and 2/5/17 as the team’s support players.

 Vici Gaming 0 — 2 PSG.LGD

PSG.LGD avoided a three-way tiebreaker between themselves, Team Liquid, and AS Monaco Gambit by defeating their Chinese regional rivals Vici Gaming in the final wild card match of the tournament. All members of PSG.LGD stepped up during the match and handed VG its first match loss of the tournament.

Third-place Tiebreaker

Team Liquid 1 — 0 AS Monaco Gambit

Team Liquid managed to qualify for the Group Stage by winning a best-of-one win-or-go-home match against Gambit. After losing 0-2 to Gambit earlier in the day, Team Liquid tried a different approach and took home the win in just under 40 minutes thanks to a clutch Cataclysm from Max “qojqva” Bröcker.

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