With day one of the Dota PIT Minor featuring so many upsets, fans were eager to see if the trend would continue.

Gambit continued to struggle in day two and NiP were quick to capitalize. Despite Vasily “AfterLife” Shishkin’s game-saving three-man stun in game two, Gambit still couldn’t recover, missings spells and losing map control. NiP was able to secure game three which gave them the series, 2-1.

RNG steamrolled BOOM ID in game one while game two was a bit more back and forth. RNG, however, made sure there wasn’t going to be any comebacks in game two as they baited BOOM into prolonged team fights that pressured them to use their buy-backs up, leaving them unable to defend their base. RNG took the series 2-0.

The first two games for Alliance and Forward Gaming were lopsided with each team taking a game each but the third match had both teams evenly matched. It was only when a fight broke out outside of FWD’s base did Alliance break the deadlock, winning a massive team fight which gave them a 2-1 victory.

Meanwhile, EHOME and Majestic’s match-up was decided in game three where it was so dead even that the casters, 37 minutes into the game, called it “the most contested game three match we’ve had all tournament”. The tipping point for Majestic happened at the mid-lane where their Phantom Lancer was able to best EHOME’s Terrorblade and give the South American team the victory. Majestic continues their upset run with a 2-1 match score against favorites EHOME.

The third day of the group stages will feature matches such as NiP against BOOM and RNG versus Gambit from Group A; while Alliance will take on Majestic even as EHOME is set to battle it out with Forward Gaming in Group B.

You can check out the games, as well as day 3 matches (when they begin) at the OGA Dota PIT Twitch channel here.