Taking place in August, The International 2019 will, for the first time, be held in China.

As such, the pressure is on for Chinese teams to take the top spot and bring glory for their country. The last time China won was back in 2016, where the now-disbanded Wings Gaming squad cruised home in style.

With so much on the line this year for China’s Dota 2 teams, Chinese gaming organizations are buckling down and implementing insane rules for their boot camps.

Top Chinese TI9 contenders, PSG.LGD, is clearly aiming to win the event. PSG.LGD’s TI9 training schedule and boot camp guidelines were shared by BBKing on Chinese social media site Weibo, a Chinese film director who does short esports documentaries.

Credit BBKinG

Loosely translated, PSG.LGD will train from Monday to Saturday, with Sunday off, and players will need to surrender their phones and delete all messaging and social media apps from their computers.

Players will only get use of their phones for 30 minutes a day, depending on their coaches, but they do get them back on Sunday. Failure to adhere by the rules will result in a 3,000 RMB (~US$435) fine.

Training starts at 1 p.m. each day, and players have to be punctual. Lateness will result in a 1,000 RMB fine (~US$145). Smoking is also not allowed in the training room.

While they may sound harsh, these types of rigorous training regiments aren’t really surprising. Back in 2016, Wings Gaming had similar rules in place during their boot camp, reported Fansided. Their hard work and dedication eventually lead to a TI6 championship, and to their being immortalized in the Aegis of Champions.

All things considered, The International 9 is going to be the biggest Esports event in history. The event still has plenty of days left to collect more money; but as of July 15, it’s already reached a 29 million dollar prize pool. For the teams who are going to be competing for that staggering amount of money, maybe going all out in preparation isn’t such a crazy idea.

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