With only the top eight Dota 2 teams left in the tournament after yesterday’s ruthless elimination matches at the MDL Disneyland Paris Major, the level of play has crazily escalated.

Team Liquid took on Vici Gaming in the lower bracket elimination round and it’s probably the best and craziest series of the event so far.

In the first game, VG drafted wisely, picking a Medusa that was bolstered by multiple crowd control heroes like Panda Brewmaster, Disruptor, and Shadow Shaman. Team Liquid could not inflict enough damage to fend off their opponents, which eventually cost them the first match.

In the following bout, the European squad drafted Broodmother, a pick they usually rely on in crutch games. While the Broodmother helped them secure the game, the MVP was definitely Ivan “Mind Control” Ivanov with his timely “Black Holes” that locked down and destroyed VG’s core heroes.

With both teams’ tournament hopes coming down to the final game, someone had to break the deadlock. GH took it upon himself to make sure Team Liquid moved on to the next round as he was incredible during the early stages of the competition.

Despite facing a hefty gold deficit, the former TI Champions showed unbelievable resilience against their Chinese opponents by winning major team fights even at a remarkable disadvantage.

Team Liquid would not be denied as they claimed Vici Gaming’s Radiant Ancient at the 34 minute mark even as they were down in the gold count, trailing their opponents by a bit.

The Chinese squad was gracious in defeat, giving recognition to GH’s amazing performance in a tweet after the series.

The MDL Disneyland Paris Major continues later today and will be streamed here.