Having taken a short day’s break, the MDL Disneyland Paris Major resumed yesterday with an opening ceremony featuring a fun short film which also introduced all the teams in the competition.

Unfortunately, some teams still appeared to be on break on the third day of the playoff stages, with the underdog teams getting eliminated in a brutal fashion. All sets ended with decisive 2–0 scores.

The beating started when PSG.LGD faced Complexity in the first series of the day. The North American team looked lost and unprepared as they failed to capitalize on engagements. They continued to fumble when they tried to take down their Chinese opponent’s core heroes and were easily knocked out of the tournament.

Meanwhile, Virtus Pro made short work of their SEA counterparts. It looked as if they were running circles around Mineski, taking an early lead in both games and plowed through their opponents. Tournament favorites Virtus Pro breezed through to the next round where they’re set to face Chinese powerhouse PSG.LDG.

Team Liquid’s matches with Pain Gaming featured the South American squad putting up a valiant effort against the former TI champions as they took a commanding 8,000 gold lead advantage early but a questionable item choice by carry player Leonardo “Leo” Viana, who picked up an Ethereal Blade on his Antimage, cost them the first match.

After their heartbreaking loss to Team Liquid, they continued to make odd decisions by drafting Rubick as their middle lane hero (he’s usually played as a support character) in the next match. The European squad completely dismantled their opponents, controlling all three lanes and eventually sent Pain Gaming packing.

The last match of the day pitted two of the best Chinese teams against one another. It was a disappointing performance from Keen Gaming, with them missing many spells in their first game and then putting up a horrible high-ground defense in the final match. Vici Gaming moves on in the lower bracket and will face Team Liquid next.

The MDL Disneyland Paris Major continues later today and will be streamed here.