On the final day of EPIC League’s Week 3 group stage, Team Secret faced an Alliance squad desperate for a win, as they tried to stave off elimination after going 2-5 to start the group stage.

Alliance won the first game thanks to an impressive 14/0/5 Faceless Void performance from Nikolay “Nikobaby” Nikolo. The team was then poised to win the series after taking a significant 5,000-gold lead advantage 30 minutes into Game 2.

However, Secret’s hard support Magnus and offlane Omniknight proved to be the best counter for Alliance’s Faceless Void hard carry pick. After getting an ideal initiation Chronosphere on two Secret heroes, Ludwig “zai” Wahlberg used his Guardian Angel, preventing Lasse “Matumbaman” Urpalainen’s Phantom Assassin from going down.

Clement “Puppey” Ivanov then used his Reverse Polarity ultimate, which caught three Alliance heroes and gave Matumbaman the opening he needed to use his Satanic to turn the fight in Secret’s favor.

Secret then decided to have Matumbaman complete a Divine Rapier, hoping to end the game with a surprise team fight power spike. However, Alliance was able to outlast Team Secret’s long cooldown ultimates and claimed the Divine Rapier for themselves.

At the 55-minute mark, Alliance pushed into Secret’s side of the map, where Nikobaby caught Matumbaman in a Chronosphere and expended the Aegis of the Immortal advantage. But with Alliance’s abilities on cooldown, Matumbaman rejoined the fight and burst down the remaining Dire heroes.

With all three of his Divine Rapiers secured, Matumbaman charged down the midlane to end the game. Alliance attempted to defend their base with a Refresher Orb on Nikobaby’s Faceless Void, hoping two Chronospheres would be enough. But zai had his own Refresher Orb that gave Secret two Guardian Angels, which made the team immune to physical damage.

Team Secret would then go on to win Game 3 and take a 2-1 series win over Alliance. With the conclusion of Week 3, Team Secret has climbed up to third place with a 5-2 record. On the other hand, Alliance has fallen to last place and are on the verge of being eliminated from EPIC League with a 2-6 record.

EPIC League’s final group stage week starts on December 3.

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