Evil Geniuses’ offlane player Daryl “iceiceice” Koh has revealed a personal tier list of professional Dota 2 players from the Southeast Asia region. 

It is fitting that iceiceice created this tier list, because he is regarded as one of the best Dota 2 players to come out of the region. He has also been competing in Dota since 2005, which means he’s played against almost every pro on the international level. Additionally, iceiceice is one of the few players that has played almost every position professionally.

Iceiceice’s tier list only includes players who’ve competed in The International or a DPC Major. However, it also includes players that are currently on a professional Dota 2 roster.

For those who are wondering, iceiceice decided to exclude himself and his teammate, Abed “Abed” Yusop because they’ve both moved to the North American region.

Iceiceice’s Dota 2 Southeast Asia player tier list

Position 1 Carry

  • S: 23savage, Gabbi, Raven
  • A: inYourdreaM, Dreamocel, JaCkky
  • D: Drew
  • E: Meracle, vtFaded, Ahjit
  • ?: Natsumi-

Iceiceice believes 23savage is the most mechanically gifted player on the list, but Raven and Gabbi are more stable players overall. It should be noted that all players who received the question mark designation are those iceiceice hasn’t played against enough to be able to rank them appropriately.

Position 2 Midlaner

  • S: Armel, Mikoto, inYourdreaM, Moon (Nana), ddz
  • A: Karl, ChYuan
  • A-: Yopaj
  • D: Fearless, Mac
  • G: Alacrity

According to iceiceice, S-tier midlaners are the top player choices for any team. But, out of all of the players, iceiceice gave especially high praise to Yi Liong “ddz” Kok as the only one on the list on par with himself. “I’m not confident in beating ddz in a 1v1 consistently, that’s how good I would say ddz is,” explained Iceiceice.

Position 3 Offlaner

  • S: kpii, JT-, Kuku
  • A+: Fbz
  • A: Masaros, Skem
  • A-: Forev
  • D: PlayHard
  • G: kyxy, Ohaiyo, Sam_H
  • E: deth
  • ?: Bok

Aside from Damien “kpii” Chok power leveling iceiceice’s World of Warcraft character, iceiceice likewise commends kpii for playing a stable style of Dota 2. Iceiceice also believes that T1’s Carlo “Kuku” Palad is a dynamic player, who has taken over different roles and deserves his S-tier rank.

Position 4 Support

  • SS: DJ
  • S: Jabz, Tims
  • A: Hustla, PlayHard, ah fu
  • A-: Hyde, Q, boomy, Xephyr
  • D: Jhocam
  • G: Destrice, Bombi

Iceiceice placed his former Fnatic teammate, Djardel “DJ” Mampusti in the SS-tier. Of DJ’s performance, iceiceice said, “There are only a few position 4 players in my heart that are good, and DJ is definitely one of them.

Position 5 Hard Support

  • S: March, DJ, xNova
  • A: Febby, Whitemon, Khezcute
  • D: Ninjaboogie, boombell
  • D-: Flysolo, Kim0
  • D–: 343
  • G: NutZ
  • ?: Januel

T1 coach Park “March” Tae-won was placed in the S-tier ranking because iceiceice believes that “he single-handedly almost won TNC Predator a Major.” Iceiceice is referring to when TNC won the MDL Chengdu Major in 2019. 

In the process of creating his tier list, iceiceice also mentioned that he is not interested in creating an international player tier list, because he wants to watch out for Dota 2’s unpredictable roster shuffle.

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