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The ONE Esports Singapore Major is nearly here!

Starting on Saturday, March 27, 18 of the world’s best Dota 2 teams from all six DPC 2021 regions will compete over nine days straight for a US$500,000 prize pool and 2,700 DPC points in Valve’s first Major of the year.

The tournament kicks off on Saturday, March 27, with the wild card taking place on March 27 to 28. Games kick off on both days at 10 a.m. GMT+8. All wild card teams will play in a single round-robin following a best-of-two match format, with the top two teams advancing to the group stage.

The Singapore Major will continue with its group stage on March 29 to 30 at 10 a.m. GMT+8, with eight teams playing in a single round-robin following a best-of-two match format. The top two teams from each group will advance to the playoffs.

The playoffs will be the final stage of the Singapore Major and are scheduled from March 31 to April 4 with matches starting at 10 a.m. GMT+8.

The playoffs feature a double-elimination bracket where the remaining teams in the competition will battle in best-of-three matches.

The grand final will be a best-of-five series to see who will be crowned the ONE Esports Singapore Major champion.

You can watch the main stream right here on the ONE Esports homepage. Alternatively, you can watch on your platform of choice:

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