Vying for the last two crucial spots to the Epicenter Moscow Major, professional Dota 2 teams put it all on the line during this past week’s Starladder Ukraine Minor. The teams put on a great show for fans, and ere are all the top plays from the tournament you may have missed:

Anvorgesa Wisper’s Vacuum Aegis snatch

EHOME knew that Roshan was way below half health, so they decided to commit to taking him down. But they did not take into account Adrian “Wisper” Dobles’ Dark Seer Vacuuming them outside the Rosh Pit and snatching the Aegis of the Immortal for himself.

Alliance Micke’s Morphling play

Michael “Micke” Vu was styling on Winstrike, with his Morphling morphing into the enemy Sand King and chaining together Burrow Strikes into Ethereal Blade and Adaptive Strike combos.

Alliance and Winstrike’s teamfight with 8 buybacks

One of the most intense sequences of the tournament featured both Alliance and Winstrike burning multiple buybacks, hoping to get any type of advantage. Alliance eventually won the team fight thanks to Micke’s Morphling.

Winstrike’s 4-man Vacuum-Wall into Storm Hammer

Airat “Silent” Gaziev and Alexander “Nofear” Churochkin showed insane coordinating as they caught four heroes from Anvogresa with a Vacuum-Wall Storm Hammer combo. Sadly this incredible play was not enough for Winstrike to defeat Anvorgesa.

Mineski’s Raging Potato steals Black Hole

Ryan “Raging Potato” Qui showed Zakari “Zfreek” Freedman’s Enigma a better Black Hole, as he caught two Complexity heroes and then controlled Galvin “Meracle” Wen’s Lifestealer to help Mineski win a crucial team fight.

NiP 33’s 1v3 that results into a double kill

NiP still believes that Bristleback is a valuable core hero, especially with Neta “33” Shapira on the War Pig. Three Alliance heroes learned that chasing down a Bristleback is very dangerous.

Alliance Qojqva catches a charging Spirit Breaker

Every Dota 2 player knows how annoying a fleeing Spirit Breaker can be, which is why Max “Qojqva” Brocker’s Storm Spirit catch of Martin “Saksa” Sazdov’s fleeing Spirit Breaker is particularly satisfying.

Alliance Insania’s 4-man Ice Blast

Samuel “Boxi” Svahn was camping for the 35-minute bounty rune up top right when NiP decided to go for a smoke gank. With Boxi’s Timbersaw as bait, Ayddin “Insania” Sarkohi was able to land an amazing 4-man Ice Blast which forced NiP to flee.

NiP Ace cleaves through Team Sirius

Sirius hoped to take down NiP’s Omniknight and Gyrocopter with heavy burst spells. But they clumped up way too close to one another, which meant that Marcus “Ace” Christensen’s Sven could do a crazy amount of damage, thanks to God’s Strength and Cleave.

NiP 33’s Tanky Omniknight

33’s almost unkillable Omniknight was able to walk away from Sirius, despite being hit with multiple spells, including a Laguna Blade.

Roshan gives NiP a nice assist

Team fights around the Rosh Pit are one of the most unpredictable scenarios in Dota 2. Liu “Sylar” Jiajun found himself in a rage-inducing one, as Roshan landed a timely bash on his Troll Warlord, stopping him long enough to let NiP catch him just in time.

Alliance Micke’s 1hp Troll Warlord

Alliance was on full retreat, but they suddenly decided to hold their ground and fight. With Micke’s Troll Warlord surviving on a sliver of HP, he activated Battle Trance, which made him unkillable, tipping the fight into Alliance’s favor.

Alliance Taiga’s 3-man Burrow Strike and Epicenter

Tommy “Taiga” Le read NiP like a book, as he waited for the best possible opportunity to land a team fight winning Burrow Strike into Epicenter combo.

NiP Fata lands two full duration Sacred Arrows

Adrian “Fata” Trinks found the perfect Sacred Arrow angles on Alliance and what’s even more incredible is that, they both happened in the same team fight.

NiP Ace’s instant Black King Bar activation

If it wasn’t for Ace’s God-like reflexes on his Gyrocopter, this team fight would have been disastrous for NiP.

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