Updated on June 5, 2:41 p.m. (GMT+8): Updated results.

After the recent conclusion of the Berlin Major, all South American Dota 2 teams are gearing up for the upcoming DPC SA 2023 Tour 3 Division 1.

In the past two Tours, the competition has primarily revolved around the two leading teams in the region — beastcoast and Evil Geniuses.

Six teams will be vying to knock the top two off their perch in a three-week regional league tournament.

These teams include Thunder Awaken, Infinity, Infamous, Hokori, Mad Kings, and Balrogs — all of whom will be eager to prove themselves and potentially secure a spot in the upcoming Bali Major.

What is the DPC SA 2023 Tour 3 Division 1?

DPC SA 2023 Tour 3 Division 1
Credit: Valve

This Regional League is the third and final of the three Tours for the Dota Pro Circuit this year.

Besides prize money, teams fight for a variety of opportunities. Squads that secure top placings will earn DPC points, improving their chances of acquiring a direct invite from Valve for TI12.

DPC SA 2023 Tour 3 Division 1 standings

beastcoast Dota 2 roster for DPC SA 2023 Tour 3 Division 1
Credit: beastcoast
1stbeastcoast12 – 46 – 1
1stEvil Geniuses12 – 26 – 1
3rdThunder Awaken10 – 45 – 2
4thHokori9 – 64 – 3
5thMad Kings6 – 103 – 4
6thInfinity5 – 112 – 5
7thBalrogs4 – 131 – 6
7thInfamous4 – 121 – 6

DPC SA 2023 Tour 3 Division 1 schedule and results

Week 1

May 14

Hokori2 – 0Infinity
Evil Geniuses2 – 0Balrogs
Thunder Awaken2 – 0Infamous

May 16

Evil Geniuses2 – 0Thunder Awaken
Infinity1 – 2Mad Kings
beastcoast2 – 0Infamous

May 18

Infamous2 – 0Mad Kings
beastcoast2 – 1Hokori
Thunder Awaken2 – 0Balrogs

Week 2

May 21

Thunder Awaken2 – 0Mad Kings
beastcoast2 – 0Infinity
Evil Geniuses2 – 0Infamous

May 23

beastcoast0 – 2Mad Kings
Evil Geniuses2 – 0Hokori
Infinity2 – 0Balrogs

May 25

Hokori2 – 0Balrogs
Evil Geniuses2 – 0Infinity
beastcoast2 – 0Thunder Awaken

Week 3

May 28

Infamous1 – 2Balrogs
Hokori2 – 0Mad Kings

May 30

Thunder Awaken2 – 0Infinity
beastcoast2 – 1Balrogs

June 1

Thunder Awaken2 – 0Hokori
Infamous 0 – 2Infinity
Evil Geniuses2 – 0Mad Kings

June 3

Hokori2 – 0Infamous
Mad Kings2 – 1Balrogs
beastcoast2 – 0Evil Geniuses

Format of DPC SA 2023 Tour 3 Division 1

All eight teams in the Regional League will periodically play each other in a round-robin best-of-three.

Tiebreakers will only be played if it affects qualification — for Majors and relegation. A two-way tie will trigger a best-of-three tiebreaker. If more than two teams are tied, the tiebreaker will be a best-of-one instead.

The top two teams qualify for the Bali Major.

DPC SA 2023 Tour 3 Division 1 prize pool and points

1stQualifies to Bali Major500US$30,000
2ndQualifies to Bali Major300US$28,000
3rdRemains in Division 1 for next year’s Tour 1200US$27,000
4thRemains in Division 1 for next year’s Tour 1100US$26,000
5thRemains in Division 1 for next year’s Tour 150US$25,000
6thRemains in Division 1 for Tour 3US$24,000
7thRelegated to Division 2 for next year’s Tour 1US$23,000
8thRelegated to Division 2 for next year’s Tour 1US$22,000

The DPC SA 2023 Tour 3 Division 1’s regional league will have a total prize pool of US$205,000, along with 1,150 DPC points — similar to the previous Tour.

Teams competing in DPC SA 2023 Tour 3 Division 1

beastcoast1st (tied 13th at Berlin Major)
Evil Geniuses2nd (4th at Berlin Major)
Thunder Awaken3rd
Mad KingsPromoted from Division 2 (1st)
BalrogsPromoted from Division 2 (2nd)

Where to watch DPC SA 2023 Tour 3 Division 1

You can watch games live on PGL’s official Twitch or YouTube channels. Full matches will also be posted on the YouTube channel after the games conclude.

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