South American Dota is not just about passion — they’ve shown they have the skills to crush it on the international stage.

The SA DPC is back, though few threaten the dominance of its top two teams. Evil Geniuses and beastcoast have established themselves as perennial favorites — they were the only two teams with winning records in Tour 1. Expect these two teams to dominate again — but there are always surprises in store.

What is the DPC SA 2023 Tour 2 Division 1?

beastcoast Chris Luck at TI11 playoffs
Credit: Valve

This Regional League is the second of three Tours for the Dota Pro Circuit this year.

Besides prize money, teams fight for a variety of opportunities. The top two teams from the South American region qualify for the Major. The top six teams stay in Division 1 for the next Tour, while the bottom two teams will be relegated to Division 2.

DPC SA 2023 Tour 2 Division 1 standings

1stbeastcoast14 — 47 — 0
2ndEvil Geniuses13 — 56 — 1
3rdThunder Awaken11 — 75 — 2
4thInfinity9 — 103 — 4
5thInfamous R8 — 122 — 5
6thAlliance.LATAM7 — 102 — 5
7thKeyd Stars5 — 112 — 5
8thQhali5 — 131 — 6

DPC SA 2023 Tour 2 Division 1 schedule and results

Week one

March 12

beascoast2 – 0Keyd Stars
Thunder Awaken2 – 0Qhali
Alliance.LATAM1 – 2Infamous R

March 14

beastcoast2 – 1Qhali
Evil Geniuses2 – 1Infinity
Keyd Stars1 – 2Thunder Awaken

March 16

Infinity1 – 2Infamous R
Evil Geniuses2 – 0Alliance.LATAM
beastcoast2 – 1Thunder Awaken

Week two

March 19

Keyd Stars2 – 1Infamous R
Evil Geniuses2 – 0Thunder Awaken
beastcoast2 – 1Infinity

March 21

Evil Geniuses2 – 1Infamous R
Keyd Stars2 – 0Qhali
Alliance.LATAM1 – 2Infinity

March 23

Infinity2 – 1Qhali
Thunder Awaken2 – 1Infamous R
beastcoast2 – 0Alliance.LATAM

Week three

March 26

Evil Geniuses2 – 0Keyd Stars
Alliance.LATAM2 – 0Qhali

March 28

Alliance.LATAM1 – 2Thunder Awaken
Infamous R1 – 2Qhali
Keyd Stars0 – 2Infinity

March 30

beastcoast2 – 0Infamous R
Evil Geniuses2 – 1Qhali
Thunder Awaken2 – 0Infinity

April 1

Alliance.LATAM2 – 0Keyd Stars
beastcoast2 – 1Evil Geniuses

April 2

5th to 7th tiebreaker

Keyd Stars0 – 1Infamous R
Keyd Stars1 – 0Alliance.LATAM
Infamous R0 – 1Alliance.LATAM
Keyd Stars0 – 1Infamous R
Keyd Stars0 – 1Alliance.LATAM
Infamous R1 – 0Alliance.LATAM

Format of DPC SA 2023 Tour 2 Division 1

All eight teams in the Regional League will periodically play each other in a round-robin best-of-three.

Tiebreakers will only be played if it affects qualification — for Majors and relegation. A two-way tie will trigger a best-of-three tiebreaker. If there are more than two teams tied, the tiebreaker will be a best-of-one instead.

The top two teams qualify for the Berlin Major.

DPC SA 2023 Tour 2 Division 1 prize pool and points

The DPC SA 2023 Tour 2 Division 1’s regional league will have a total prize pool of US$205,000, along with 1,150 DPC points — up from 690 DPC points in Tour 1.

1stbeastcoastQualifies to Berlin Major400US$30,000
2ndEvil GeniusesQualifies to Berlin Major240US$28,000
3rdThunder AwakenRemains in Division 1 for Tour 3160US$27,000
4thInfinityRemains in Division 1 for Tour 380US$26,000
5thInfamous RRemains in Division 1 for Tour 340US$25,000
6thAlliance.LATAMRemains in Division 1 for Tour 3US$24,000
7thKeyd StarsRelegated to Division 2 for Tour 3US$23,000
8thQhaliRelegated to Division 2 for Tour 3US$22,000

Teams competing in DPC SA 2023 Tour 2 Division 1

beastcoast Chris Luck at TI11 playoffs
Credit: Valve
beastcoast1st (tied-9th at Lima Major)
Evil Geniuses2nd (tied-5th at Lima Major)
Keyd Stars4th
Thunder Awaken5th
Infamous RPromoted from Division 2 (1st)
QhaliPromoted from Division 2 (2nd)

Where to watch DPC SA 2023 Tour 2 Division 1

You can watch games live on PGL’s official Twitch or YouTube channels. Full matches will also be posted on the YouTube channel after the games conclude.

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